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In the End Mondays 08/18




It's Monday again. That's pretty much all I have to say.


Here's an excerpt from this week's chapter:

Atuje appeared in his throne room and immediately collapsed to his hands and knees. He gritted his teeth as his body shook, trying (thankfully unsuccessfully) to kick out his soul. He needed to acclimate his soul to his body quickly and in fact already had a plan to do just that. He only hoped that his Echoes had been dilligent in bringing the Toa from the dungeons to the throne room, as he had ordered them to.


As soon as he was sure his body wasn't going to act up again, Atuje stood up slowly and unsteadily. He looked around his throne room, distaste rising in his throat when he looked at the changes that had been wrought to it during his absence. The floor was simple stone now, lacking the grass he had grown there; the stream of water was dried up; and his finely crafted wooden throne had been replaced with a stone throne that looked exceedingly uncomfortable to sit in.


Nonetheless, Atuje walked over to it and fell into the throne like a rock. Taking a rest when his enemies were still alive and after his blood may have seemed like a dumb idea, but in his current condition he could not keep going like a machine. Even five minutes of uninterrupted rest was better than no rest at all.


That was when he noticed that the throne room was empty. No Echoes. No prisoners. Just himself.


Read the rest of Chapter XIX here.


Just one chapter and the epilogue left. Chapter XX will be next week and the epilogue will be the week after and then we'll be done. Yay!





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