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In the End Mondays 08/11




A mere three weeks until the final chapter now (really the epilogue, but semantics amirite?).


Until then, here's an excerpt from this week's chapter:

“We apologize for not going after him sooner,” said the Almighty Ones, who stood behind them. “It took us a while to recover from his attack. Besides . . . you must understand that we are not terribly eager to face him in battle again, not after our last confrontation with him.”


Ruby nodded. “We get it. I just hope that Niham is still-”


She was interrupted by a sudden flash of light from the castle courtyard, followed immediately by the sounds of people running and talking. The sudden bright lights caused her and Cina to block their eyes to avoid being blinded, even though Ruby quickly realized how dumb a move that was on their part. If this was some kind of trick by Atuje or his Echoes, after all, then not being able to see could easily cost them their lives.


Read the rest of Chapter XVIII here.





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