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Shiny Pokemon!



So I was able to chain for another shiny yesterday, this time a Flabébé (click for pic) which I named Flora. I know the pic is of a Floette but it's a lot easier to tell that Floette is shiny.


That's in addition to my shiny Lucario (click again), Yellowjacket. Two shiny Pokemon! I am content.


Thinking about chaining for a Skiddo next? Suggestions are welcome.


EDIT: haha wait what


randomly encountered this guy in a safari and now i don't know what to do


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>:V grrrr




No yeah Skiddo is super cute, and shiny Skiddo would be pretty swaggin'. Although maybe I'll try for Scyther too? who knowsss

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Shiny Scizor is pretty swaggin' (especially since it gets a mega evolution).


That reminds me, that dern shiny Gible might actually have some use for me.  Mega Garchomp's shiny form is slighly more off-tint than regurlar Garchomp!  -sobs in a corner-


But I've never really tried Poke-radar.  I know it's all luck, and I got frustrated a few times and rage-quit.  Chain fishing is nice, but after I caught three shinies it never worked for me ever again ever.  (Shiny Politoad is adorable.  As for the other two, they're both shiny Clauncher, which are significantly awesome).

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Yee, Shiny Scizor is a mean, green, mega machine. And Mega Garchomp is pink-ish if I'm not mistaken? Pretty fab.


Poke-Radar actually takes a surprisingly low amount of luck- there's a whole methodology behind it- it's just there are very few places in-game to properly use it. If you obey most of the set rules (ex. always go to a patch four spaces away, keep track of how hard the patch shakes) then it's not too difficult, but it gets increasingly more difficult with smaller patches of grass. But with the proper area and the rules in mind, at worst it's tedious and time consuming. I haven't tried chain fishing, but it's probably something I should try sometime. Also no yeah shiny Politoad looks suuuuuper cute

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I have the most luck in the safari. Just by trolling around the safaris back in the day I must have gotten close to 20 shinies. Those were the days (before i started sticking to the masuda method and started caring about stats) Chain fishing was also pretty ok. Never got the hang on Poke Radar, though. Though I also never tried too much.

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Wow darn that's a lot of shinies. I mean I think there's a higher shiny encounter rate in the safari (1/512 if I'm not mistaken?) and I think a guaranteed two perfect IVs. (I caught a four IV Growlithe in a safari not to long ago.) Masuda method would probably be nice, but I'm not sure I want to walk around and hatch all those eggs haha

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Well, the rate is higher and the 2 guaranteed ivs are nice, but I like 5IV shinies better when I can get them (though so far only a phantump and audino have been that way...) With the shiny charm boosting the already high gen 6 shiny rate, masuda isn't as bad. It's all about luck, really, at the end of the day.

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I still have never successfully bred a shiny, but yeah, most of mine came from safaris.


But of course none of them were really "good" so they're just kinda trophies I'll never show off.


Man, figuring out what to do with a shiny Eevee though? Good luck with that! :lol:

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@dotcom yeah fair enough, it really is luck. I'll have to try Masuda sometime.


@ET haha thanks. I'm thinking Vaporeon, because it's two 31 IVs are HP and Sp. Def; it has a low speed and pretty good Sp. Attack; and I already have a Sylveon, Espeon, and Jolteon. Yay pink Vaporeon!

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You... You got a shiny eevee...


You and I are enemies now.  >=/


(Eevee = bestest pokemon ever)


I forgot to mention that I did actually get a legit shiny while training in Viridian Forest on Leaf Green.  Shiny beedrill is soooo pretty (totally useless to me in battle, though it makes a decent contest pokemon for Ruby/Sapphire).

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