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Advice: What to do with Eevee?



wow i'm blogging like crazy about pokemon of all things hahahahahaha i am a nerd and have no life B-) B-) B-) :afro:


So, as mentioned in my last entry, I was able to nab a shiny Eevee.


However, now I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. It's stats are around the board and it's nature isn't of much help. So I need some suggestions of what to evolve the little guy into. I realize that I don't have to use him to battle or anything like that, but I still want to evolve him into something that makes the best use of his stats while looking swaggin'. So here's some info on him:


IVs (31s are known for sure, others are estimated using an IV calculator):

HP: 31

Attack: ~30

Defense: ~21

Sp. Attack: ~28

Sp. Defense: 31

Speed: ~5


Nature: Brave (+attack, -speed)


He has no EVs (I'll Super Train him eventually) and is level 30.


I kind of want to evolve him into something where he looks rad but is still useful, but the attack-centric evolutions (Flareon and Leafeon) don't have great shinies. He has an alright special stat so I've been leaning towards Vaporeon, but I'm looking for suggestions.


so yeah suggestions gogogo


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I often pondered this question:  One shiny eevee and what to do?


I always wanted a shiny espeon because it's sooo garish, but garish in a fab way.  Plus it's one of my favorite colors when shiny, and I just love espeon.


However, if it were female, I might just be a total doof and name it "Ariel" and make it a Vaporeon. 


Then again shiny Sylveon is very pretty.  Very.  Pretty.


Jolteon's shiny form is cool too. 


Flareon's kinda sucks.


Umbreon is cool.


Leafeon and Glaceon are right out because they may as well be called "Garchomp" in terms of their shiny forms. 


No idea what to do about those stats, though.


Edit:  My brother, KK, looked over the stats and he thinks they would be bad for Jolteon and Espeon because they would need to be fast.  So, those are out in terms of battle. 


However, he does say Umbreon, Vaporeon and Sylveon would be good choices, though.  YOU HAVE THREE TO CHOOSE FROM!  (Why aren't they fire, water and grass?)

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I would go with Sylveon, because its inverted color scheme looks fantastic and it could benefit from the stats well enough. UmbreTron is also cool tho

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Umbreon is about the only Eeveelution that wouldn't mind the low speed. And Brave would be okay too, since it uses physical moves like Payback (which actually works with Brave in both ways). Plus it looks cool shiny too!



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Alright, so it looks like Umbreon and Sylveon are both good choices. Both would make use of the stats, especially Umbreon because of its move pool. Plus, both have super rad shiny forms.


To be honest, Umbreon is my favorite Eeveelution design-wise, but it's a largely defensive Pokemon so I'll have to keep that in consideration. And Sylveon is pretty cool too, especially because of dat inverted color scheme. I already have a hidden ability one though, so not sure about it. I think I'll still keep Vaporeon in consideration, considering that it can use Waterfall which is physical, but it's looking less and less likely.


Thanks for all the suggestions guys! They helped bunches.

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