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In the End Mondays 09/01: The End



As of a few minutes ago, I posted the epilogue to my last Bionicle epic, thus officially ending the Shikaverse and my career as fanfic writer (at least for the foreseeable future, anyway).


Unlike with every other week, I'm not going to quote an excerpt from this chapter because I do not want to spoil anything, not even a couple of lines of dialogue.


So just go ahead and read the entire epilogue here for yourself. Or, if you haven't been following since the beginning, I suggest starting from the prologue and reading from there. With the entire epic posted, you can now read the whole thing at your own pace if you want.


Tomorrow I'll do one more blog post regarding the Shikaverse and fanfiction and stuff, but for now, I just want to thank all of my readers for faithfully tuning in each week to read the newest chapter. I honestly expected In the End to sink into obscurity, maybe get a couple dozen views a week or so, if even that much, so to see it average 100 views a week just blows my mind. That number will probably decline now that the full story is completely posted, but it was just so fun to watch each chapter average 100 views every week.


That that very number remained steady, week after week, tells me that I was doing something right. Granted, the vast majority of those readers never commented, but people don't come back week after week to read stories they hate or find boring. I think that, in terms of page views, In the End was my most successful epic (though I haven't really looked at the page views of all of my other epics, so I don't know that for sure). Knowing I had some readers--even if most of them lurked--who came back week after week really helped me get over some doubts about my writing ability I've been harboring recently. You guys rock.




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