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From: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!





Vezon, since you can hop between dimensions, have you ever visited Termina?




if the moon was going to crash into the earth, Majora's mask style, what would you do to stop it?









(Special "guest" Boidoh!)


Vezon had just finished raking his yard, using his staff. As he left the trench-filled grass pile and came inside, he saw Boidoh reading the newspaper. "Check this out, Vezon! Apparently there was a game known as Majora's mask! It looks really cool!" Vezon peered towards the paper and saw the word "Termina". After a few seconds, he teleported away, only to return an hour later in the sky with a ham sandwich, and the moon from Termina. He had saved link's world, but done something much worse.


Vezon landed like a graceful little butterfly, and greeted Boidoh. "Wow, termina is lame! At least I grabbed some lunch while I was over there."


"VEZON, YOU DOLT, YOU'RE GOING TO DESTROY THE EARTH!!!" screamed the good Boidoh and the entire townspeople began to panic. Vezon thought quickly, and fused the mad-faced moon to the real moon. Now the whole moon had a tiny face, and was heading right towards the earth. It had also gained some mass, and Boidoh was about to blow his top once again. Vezon suddenly knew what he had to do. He ran towards the hardware store.


Inside, he stole bought:


A dozen screws


An air freshener


A D-battery


A circuit breaker


Duct tape


Racing back towards the house, Boidoh going unconscious, Vezon quickly grabbed the air freshener. He chucked it at the moon. It somehow reached space and collided with our lunar monstrosity. The entire thing defused, and the air freshner flew into space, followed by the Termina moon.


"And you see, kids, it liked the smell so much it followed the freshener when I threw it." said sir ego-Skakdi. "And that is how I save the world! Now, go away. I'm having lunch." and he began to chow down on the sandwich.



Source: Ask Vezon (Unfortunately) TWO!



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