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Digimon Adventure coming back



As I have stated multiple times before, I used to be a fan of Digimon back in the days of Digimon Adventure, but lost interest because they ended it and then gave the series a hard reboot, just like they did with Bionicle.


Well I just heard news that, in honour of its 15th anniversary next year, Digimon Adventure is coming back! :D


I know little about this new Digimon Adventure, but it appears it will be based around the original 8 Digidestined (including Kari), and be set 3 years after the events of Digimon Adventure 02 and the defeat of MaloMyotismon.


I will definitely be looking into this, and my interest in Digimon may come back as a result.


In addition, this development gives me hope for Bionicle Generation 1. If the creators of Digimon can bring back a continuation that had been amandoned for well over a decade, LEGO can do the same thing with Bionicle! Greg Farshtey has put it in the perfect position to be brought back in the future with a fresh new story on Spherus Magna, so who knows?


inb4 "no, Bionicle Gen 1 is never coming back, you can't compare it to Digimon"


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Rewatching that show, Digimon was kinda weird.


"Yeah my sister was sick, but I made her an omelette, so she's better now!"


"Oh, how cute, a giant monster rampaging through the town."


Still a good show.

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Personally I enjoyed Tamers a heck of a lot more than Adventure, but this is still super cool to hear. I couldn't really get into any of the generations past 4, but with familiar characters it should be more fun.

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I'm fairly certain Digimon has a larger audience than Bionicle ever had, so there's much more profit to be had in bringing back the former as opposed to the latter.  Besides, while Digimon did start out as a toy, it looks like they stopped making those and took the franchise in a different direction, so it makes sense story (and continuing stories) would be more important.  For Bionicle, story will always be second to sets--sets will sell more with a fresh, easy to approach story than with an old, convoluted story that the main demographic has no recollection of.


These are still different franchises with different needs and business models.  Bionicle is going to need to gain a heck of a lot more credibility before it can attempt something like this, and it's probably better to move on and try to enjoy the new content than to hold out hope for something that might never happen.

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Continuing Digimon is much easier though, because the story was (mostly) told through one medium only, the show, it was a simpler story that ended because, well, it ended, and had a larger audience to begin with.


In any case, I hope that if Lego ever does bring it back (which I don't really think will ever happen but hey I guess it could happen) they don't do it anytime soon. If there's one thing I'd like to see Bionicle do like Digimon, it's running through several different reboots, trying new things, pushing the envelope, and whatnot. It could, and most likely would, result in some duds, but I always liked how Digimon tried so much new stuff while still being, well, Digimon. 

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