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Review: Cave Story




Well, Cave Story is an adventure side-scrolling shooter that is packed with many weapons and weapon combinations, three different endings, and the mauling of dear plot-important characters.



(cave) STORY:


In a brief clip, we see a green haired man named Kazuma trying to contact someone named Sue. Don't be surprised by the fact that he had green hair, all the humans in this game have green hair. Yes, I said humans, so there are non-human people in this game. Bear with me.



(Yeah, skip to the point, ghiddy. Who reads this stuff anywa-) *BANG*





You play as a robotic ex-explorer named Quote, but unfortunately you have amnesia and, while you remember fighting tactics and how to talk, you can't remember your name. After stealing your first weapon from a sleeping gunsmith, the Polar Star, you crash into a village full of the main species in this game, a bunch of bunny people called Mimiga. I know some of you are thinking what the Karz, but this is an incredible and well-made game.


The goal of this game is simple: Defeat the doctor, destroy the core of the island, and (if you play the game in a certain manner) defeat the evil in ###### itself. Well, the blood-stained sanctuary, but it's as tough as it anyways.




PLOT POINTS: To be honest, the plot is... Excellent! I find it to be one of the best plots in video game history. Instead of "save the princess" or "kill stuff to level up" you get a vast floating island in the sky plagued by an unseen evil and a mad doctor who believes out-of-control-mutation is power.


10 out of 10 for plot.





GAMEPLAY POINTS: For no reason whatsoever, down is interact when in all other games it's up. Weird... Otherwise, it's superb, but I would really have appreciated a tutorial.


8 out of 10.





CHARACTER DESIGN POINTS: While some remain simplistic, all were well handled and especially well crafted. While some of the bosses gave me the heebee jeebees, they did look great, along the lines of spriting. Excellent work.


10 out of 10.





BOSSES: Oh, this is a long list. Anyway, if you beat the game in a specific manner, you get three bosses you normally wouldn't get. Since I haven't met them yet, I will go by the ones I know.

They're wondrous. In a game where there are more than 270 ways to die horribly, I think they needed to give you something to want to destroy and fuel your anger towards. So nicely done.


9.5 out of 10.






AREA POINTS: It's vast, multi-sectioned, and wants to kill you and scrape the flesh off your bones, but it's fun. Every area is unique to the last, full of surprises and tricks when and where you least expect it, and make you wish to kill the doctor even more than before. Wonderful.


10 out of 10.





FINAL VERDICT: Overall, this war spanning the fate of WW3, destruction unimaginable, a deep and saddening storyline, and feel-good characters, it's a hearty old-school fun-filled platformer with deadly threats and vast areas. It's a game which none should pass by and all should enjoy.



(1=2 ~ final score x2=proper rating)





9.5 out of 10.



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