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TEXTERMINATION: Lives at steak: Episode 2





CHAPTER 2...? Maybe?



Vol-Tex woke up slowly, seeing he was in a cylinder. He was scared to death of cylinders. He began screaming and running around, trying to escape out of anywhere but the gaping hole in it. Only after he had tripped and fallen through it did he see the sleek armour of agent 263.


"what... Why am I not dead?" Vol-Tex stammered, attempting to crawl away from the cylinder. Agent 263 handed him a familiar ketchup bottle. "Burnribs..." He muttered. "So he really is dead."


In the back, someone facepalmed. That someone was the big boss guy, otherwise known as Contort. Contort stepped forward, and then his arm twisted into a funny position. He angrily straightened it and approached Vol-Tex. "So." He said as his leg twisted sideways suddenly, "How have you been?"


Vol-Tex looked at the script suddenly. "So... You're a guy?"


"What? oh, that hasn't been revealed yet." He said, suddenly flying into the wall behind him. "it's just - OW! - proper grammar... Yeowch..." Contort raised up and straightened his berserk legs. "Agent 263! I need you to-"


Tendurlo, the infamous agent -13, stepped up and stood on Tex. "tell us what you know why can't you speak you idiot wake up come on I have to go get an espresso will you just-"


"-13!!!" Contort said as his arm wrapped around him. "We have had enough of your mouth for one day, thank you! now, I need-"


Kayn, otherwise known as agent 4444444+12, walked up and said to Tex "what's up, bruh?"


"GO AWAY, DANG IT!!!" Contort shoved Kayn away from Vol-Tex. "Agent 263, take Vol-Tex down to the teleperotation rooms and get him to BGRKoro!" Contort's leg frontflipped him suddenly. "Go!"


Agent 263 and Vol-Tex left, shooting each other annoyed glances.





An airship climbed its way through the air, carrying the passengers of Pulse and JiMayo. JiMayo turned on the radio comlink.


This is Encore one, do you read me lightsparrow?


This is lightsparrow, I read you lowd and clear.


Um, you misspelled "loud".


Zip it! I have to open the back door on you ship for absolutely no reason, Jimayo. Hold tight!


This is Encore one. What's a tight? and how do you-



An explosion rocketed through the air, as a tiny little piece of BGRKoro fell and died sadly. The entire hamburger-shaped city fell with it, and died in a mushroom-roasted cloud. "So funneh" said Lightsparrow as he plopped onto JiMayo's ship and shot Pulse with a nerf bullet, cutting off his 'pulse'. :P JiMayo got up and tried frantically to slap Lightsparrow, but to no avail. Lightsparrow jumped out and used his magical powers to fly away gracefully, screaming "GOODBYE SUCKA!!!"


JiMayo's airship hit the water and began to make bubbles. JiMayo crawled his way away from the bubble bath, but Encore one decided to shut off his engine like an idiot, and crashed into him.







Taco nuiva stopped and thought. She had just been a painter, living a simple life... Until she painted a picture of a prize steak. Then, the peuce ones were all over her, Burnribs showed up and did a thing I guess - And now she was here. She glared at the shadow Matoran known as ToaST - Well, General ToaST - as he grinned maniacally.


"Stop griping." He said with a chuckle. "The worst that happened was they never flossed."


"You're a monster!" She growled, appearing very monstrous herself. "That was improperly cooked explosive steak you fed them!"


ToaST shrugged. "Hey, they flew right into the peuce ones' grill. It was awesome."


"That was three volatile digestive systems going kaboom at the same time! you just killed three people!"


"Yeah, and three more-"


"ENOUGH!!!" shouted Elittra, one of the leaders of the rebellion. "Come on; we found Vol-Tex."


As they walked down the hallways, ToaST asked Elittra "I forget, which rebellion are we again?"







Vol-Tex and Munchy arrived to meet Taco nuiva and ToaST. "listen, all of you..." Said Munchy, "That is the final invention of Ehks. It's a teleporter, one that-"


"A CYLINDER!!!" Vol-Tex scrambled into the corner, only coming out after ToaST smashed his fist into it, turning it into a non-cylinder. "Yes. Well, it only goes one way, we don't know where it goes, and it smells like old cabbage, but whatever."


"I'll go." said Vol-Tex, not really knowing what Munchy just said. "ToaST, Burnribs is dead, and you're his replacement. And you, Taco-"



"You're replacing me." Without a confirmation from Taco, he stepped into the once cylinder, shivering as the smell of old cabbage crept into his nostrils.


Munchy pressed the release switch just as Vol-Tex decided not to go. In a flash, he was gone.




"Well," ToaST said, "What now, boss? heh heh..."


Taco nuiva frowned angrily. "First, we party. Then, we tell everyone that Vol-Tex is gone. After that, we strike the peuce ones."



Source: TEXTERMINATION: Lives at steak



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