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The Inika Masks were alive, therefore...



(It is the best as decided by me)


The Inika masks were alive, but the story pretty much never acknowledged that.


Of course, being alive, these masks had their own FEELINGS and EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS, right? Of course they did. They're ALIVE!


And of course, they're masks so they can use themselves. Clearly they messed with the Inika and of course they communicated by talking via 'projecting' their own thoughts into the Inika's heads.


So the Inika tended to use their masks involuntarily because of this, at inopportune times. Matoro saw inside Jaller's stomach, Nuparu dropped from the sky, Hahli's Elda wouldn't stop laughing at giving her headaches, Kongu's Suletu wouldn't stop reading the minds of the people he didn't want to read the minds of, constantly disgusting him.

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I still want like


a comedy about this 


The Inika: The Story You Didn't See


Just like pages and pages of the masks messing with the Toa.

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Well, it was a mask of accuracy. BORING. What can a mask of accuracy do? It can't make you miss the target. Can't really mess with you unless you intend to miss your targets!


Of course it makes up for this by constantly yelling obscenities at Hewkii.

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I suppose that anything's possible in comedic fanfiction. 


And this possibility is one I would like to see fulfilled. Perhaps Pulse can rediscover his long-lost talent for hilarious storytelling and imbue us with this great masterpiece. 

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