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*zipping-by noises*

Takuma Nuva


Oi. So much lifeishness.

  • I'm leading up the web team for this last semester's Capstone Project. We'll be completely revamping the Youthway Ministries website, so if you want a "before" image in your mind, now's the time.
  • For my internship, I'm rebuilding a LEGO community website's front end.
  • Bionicle RPG? Never been more real, never crunched so hard, never been so close to test-driving. SOON . . . . . ish.
  • Really happy this graphics design course is part of the Web Development and Design curriculum, but, MAN, is the homework load heavy. Also, retouching pictures of models makes me feel like a dirty liar.
  • Now that I'm all caught up on Ninjago, I'm really looking forward to the next season and the movie.

Coming up with rules for ALL 42 RAHKSHI was . . . interesting to say the least.


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