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Ant Man

Makuta Luroka


I saw the trailer, and I liked it. I think the concepts are cool (as someone who isn't very much in tune with the lore), and am excited to watch it. What are you guys' opinions?


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I felt that the new trailer had more of a lighter feel to it than the first one, which isn't a bad thing. In fact, it made me even more excited for the movie. The only thing I'm wondering is how much of the events of Age of Ultron will play a factor in Ant-Man's story. (Assuming that it takes places after AoU, that is.) It could be really cool to see some of the aftermath from the Avengers 2 affect Ant-Man's story. 

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It's a movie that Marvel slapped their name on. That means everyone is going to watch it, and if you don't people will ostracize you for being pop culturally ignorant. :P

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