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RG Bandcamp 2015 Day 5: Clarinet Mafia

Rahkshi Guurahk


So today was the ending of the first day of band camp.

I JUST MIGHT get to finally have a day 6 entry, if it isn't possibly bai, unless I make a weekend entry.

So we started random wearing of things week today because will will wear our band tshirts hopefully next friday.

So the section costumes/stuff/clothes/whateveryouwannacallit were:

Picc/Flutes- superheroes

Clarinets- Clarinet Mafia :evilgrin:

Alto Saxes- "cool" (as in Prez(Tenor Saxophonist Lester Young)-made slang, not cold) also long socks for whatever reason.

Tenor Saxes- as above

Trumpets- "nerdy looking"

Mellophones- Mello Yello

Trombones- spooky scary skeletons who send shivers down your soul wearing skin for all but two.

Baritones/Euphoniums -their section leader was sick.

Sousaphones-I don't even know. :P


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