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*shuffling through the interwebs*


Oh, look. This old thing. *shakes dust off of blog*


Well, 'ello, 'ello, 'ello, BZPower! Sorry I haven't used this blog for big long time, but life-stuff happened. And I forgot about it. Yeah, that.


Well, I've been sitting idle on BZP for far too long. And I decided I need to crank out some more stories. I haven't written really anything for a while, and I have no good ideas at the moment. Hence, this.


The point of this is to get some IDEAS for upcoming Bonkle writing projects. If one of YOUUUUUU BZPeeps can give me a great idea (or several) then YOUUUUUU will be included in the comedy you thought up. Seems fair, write? (Heh. Right = Write. I kill myself. :P)


... What are you doing still reading? GET POSTING YOUR IDEAS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!!


Recommended Comments

A dark figure searches the skyline of Metru-Nui to avenge those who killed his parents. In order to do that, he must become what he fears most. He is... The Punvenger!


*le gasp*


(Also have you noticed that you never see the Punvenger and Turaga Vakama in the same room?!)

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The Toa Okoto go to the beach. Hijinx insue. THE END.


Just kidding you, Smokey. Good ideas so far, but I need more! MORE!

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