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BrickCon, and Comic making

Akaku: Master of Flight




Sorry lads! Games, School and life has a funny way of distracting one from things... and making one forget there was a certain website he used to frequently go to.


Anyways, I don't know if you've heard, but me and Inferna are going to the Brickcon this weekend. Super excited, as I've never been to one before! Would be super awesome if I actually got to meet a bunch of BZPers there, the only ones I've met so far other the Fern' is my good friends Kini Hawkeye and Kagha.


I'm not bringing anything this year (since I'm pretty sure its waaaaay too late for that), but I might send in a few of my old creations next year, assuming I'm able to also make it then.


So yeah. see you guys there!


And in other news, I've been spending the past week planning with Fern, making an old story of mine a few of you may remember into something rock solid that wont die with me not knowing where to take it because I was originally more or less making it up as I went along. The Story in question? Legends of Taladi Nui. Her help is definitely the biggest motivation for finally continuing it, though the idea for me picking it up again recently started with General Zahaki mentioning to me he was going to be starting up his comics soon, and the deal we had that once one of us did, so had to the other. I'm not sure if he's going to take his from DA' to here, but you can expect to probably see my series show in both sites in question :P


(I'm also taking a Graphic novel course, which is turning out pretty cool. I never knew I knew so much about making comics! Super excited :D )


--Akaku: Master of Flight

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