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In a Potter mood

Kaleidoscope Tekulo


Decided to actually finish the series by picking up where I left off. So, I started book five from the beginning earlier this month and I have only about two hundred pages left. Too bad I have a bunch of stuff spoiled for me for the next two books thanks to the internet and A Very Potter Musical.




I watched A Very Potter Musical too. So much Potter, help.

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See, the big spoiler is that you think Shelob killed Harry but in the next book it's revealed that he's actually still alive, but Ron has to save him from the Orcs and give him back the ring.



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In Book 7.5 Harry uses the force to reboot the computer of the Enterprise, sending it racing across the skies of Gondor to stop the Goauld from helping the Daleks in their quest to destroy Narnia with the power of the Capital District's Pelican Dropship of Dauntless soldiers.




I have nothing to apologize for.

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... you watched the Very Potter Musicals before finishing the books?


It really rustles my jimmies that you didn't finish the books.  How could you just give up on a series like that?  That's the very antithesis to my being!  Plus, it's so pervasive in popular culture!  How could you go so long without finishing the books!  That's so incomprehensible to me.


I guess we're just different people.


I guess it's plain to see...


That when you look at you and me...



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