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Black Friday




If you pick up an item and carry it around the store with you, and just toss it onto another display or shelf;


If you knock over a display and don't even let anybody know that you knocked it over;


If you try to haggle a better discount on items we're practically giving away for free;



I will most likely hate you.




Retail Workers






I worked from 10PM Thanksgiving Day to 8AM the next day, and my energy drink only let me sleep for two hours before I went back in at 4PM to close at 12AM. I am a little upset.

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Seriously.  Just break in after hours with a balaclava, a black and white striped shirt, and bags with dollar signs on them.  Much less of a burden on the staff.

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Well you can't blame me this time; I didn't go shopping anywhere.


Instead I was busy running back and forth through my county, running errands.

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I worked... but at an office job for holiday coverage, so while I was on the clock, I was like the only person in the building...



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P.S. -- If you insist on being terrible people, we can arrange for this to be Red Friday instead. :)

So, now you're offensive to red people?

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