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But seriously. I just wanted to give a little update on Music of Okoto - I put it off for, like, two months, but I'm still going to finish it. Been working on it a lot the past few days.


Music of Okoto is a series of in-universe songs from the G2 Bionicle universe, as in, the music that the villagers play. There will be one song for each Region, and maybe a few extras. Here's a detailed report of how much I have made:


RoJ: 1 song finished.

RoE: 1 song conceptualized, haven't really started this one.

RoF: 1 song about half-way finished.

RoS: 1 song about half-way finished.

RoI: 1 song being finished.

RoW: 2 songs being finished.


Each song is 2-3 minutes long, with a brief accompanying story to give some context, and help set up the mood.


I have to finish it within the next week or two, so expect it to be posted pretty soon! :ahhh:


While I'm here, I guess I'll also talk about Creatures of Okoto. You may have noticed that the progress meter in my signature hasn't really budged for a while; unfortunately, I haven't been able to pick up all the 2016 sets yet, so I haven't been able to work on it. Plus, with the cold winter weather (yes it's been freezing here in Florida and I love it), it's been hard to stay motivated to work on it. I still need all the Akamai sets (Fire/Earth/Stone), and I'm gonna be super busy for a while, so I really don't know when I will be able to finish Creatures. Here's what I do have, though:


RoI: 3 combiners

RoJ: 4 combiners

RoW: 3 combiners


All with photos and instructions made. I am aiming for 5 combiners in each Region, so I do have some progress made, at least. Anyway, now you're all caught up with my Bionicle projects; Music of Okoto will be out soon, and Creatures of Okoto is TBD.

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I'm excited to hear what you've come up with! :D

I'm really looking forward to sharing it! Expect it on Tuesday, everything's finished except for two songs that just need a bit of touching-up. It came down to nine tracks, total of about 23 minutes. :) 

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