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PREVIEW: Creatures of Okoto




Creatures of Okoto



I'm moving pretty soon, and starting to work, and having to leave some stuff behind, and probably taking a little hiatus from Bionicle, at least to some degree. I'll still log on here and do This Month in Bionicle, but MOCs will probably be difficult, so Creatures of Okoto is being postponed. But, since I have a handful of combiners already, I'm going to share what I've got, rather than just sitting on them.


So, these are all made with the 2016 sets, and all of them have instructions (which have been put together similar to LEGO's official instructions, in the form of PDF booklets). Here are some pointers I've been following to enhance the quality of these, compared to my previous combiners:


-Use more parts. The alternates (made with just one set) use 80-90 percent of the pieces, at least. Combiners with two or more sets use at least 75 percent, in general.

-Higher standards. For each MOC I include, there are one or two that didn't make the cut.

-More photos. The topic will have one photo per MOC, but the video will show them off from different angles.


So without further ado, here are my Creatures of Okoto! (Bear in mind that, as a WiP, some of these have makeshift backgrounds, or no backgrounds at all.)


Region of Jungle

Crystal Swamp Mite - Small insect found the the swamps. Built with Uxar, Creature of Jungle.

Swamp Gorgat - Large, camouflaged Creature which disguises itself as swamp-plants by stooping into the murky waters. Built with Umarak and Uxar.

Jungle Strider - Nimble and prone to fighting, but not very good at it. Built with Lewa, Uniter of Jungle.

Jungle Mammoth - Large and hostile, with powerful tusks. Built with Umarak, the Hunter.


Region of Ice

Snow Runner - Small, swift Creature, able to evade any foe. Built with Melum, Creature of Ice.

Snow Bunny - Large and generally friendly, but capable of defending itself. Built with Kopaka, Uniter of Ice.

Ice Crusher - Massive, intelligent, territorial, and very mean. Built with Kopaka and Gali.


Region of Water

Coral Stalker - Generally passive, large Creatures which prowl among colorful coral reefs. Built with Gali and Lewa.

Reef Spider - Common, simple Creatures which have little means of self-defense, but attract little attention. Built with Gali, Uniter of Water.

Gaboo - Somewhat large, stupid Creatures which harass the villagers, both above the water and under the sea.


Also, stay tuned for Music of Okoto: Songs of the Villagers. I'll be posting the topic tomorrow morning!

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