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Hello, BZPeople! This is Dallior, with a SUPER SPOOPY CONTEST!!1!11one!


All or most of you probably have a self-MOC; a Technic/System rendition of yourself that you use on the forums. Most of you could build your self-MOC in an instant if given the parts... but could you draw it?


This contest aims to check out your art skills; to see how well you can recreate your self-MOC with non LEGO parts! Be it on paper, digital, clay, what have you, you need to make your self-MOC exist outside of the realm of your countertop.


The entries are due by... umm... July 27? Yeah, it's random, but why not?


THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE a copper huna of victory A SPECIAL PRIZE. Not sure what yet; I just need to get this going before my premier membership ends soon. :P


Happy arting!

(also if you could share this around here that would be great kthxbai)

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So wait, you have to draw your self-moc?


That's it?




Is this another one of those really stupid prank things? because I'm not entering until I see a legit prize being offered.

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