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Well This is a Complicated Emotion

Pahrak Model ZX


Apparently volume 73 of Bleach just came out in Japan, and it states that volume 74 will be the last. With how many chapters are usually put into volumes and how many have already been serialized in Jump, estimates are saying that there are five chapters left in the series.


Haaaaaaaaaaaaaang on


Now I know I’m on record as frequently saying I want Bleach to end, and I do, but with the point the series is currently at as of last week? If we only have five more chapters to go then I only see two outcomes:


1. The ending is super-rushed, which is just going to be a huge letdown, despite all the disappointment I’m still fairly invested and was holding a tiny tiny sliver of hope that there could be a decent ending.


2. Nothing will be resolved and a dang spin-off is gonna start up and I’ll be stuck with this series for another fifteen years.


I don’t know which is worse so I’m really hoping that this is all a huge misunderstanding/marketing ploy. First Bionicle, now Bleach! Why must the things Child Me liked that start with the letter B get treated this way? D:


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I'm having a bad Yu Yu Hakusho flashback.


I mean, I can see it working, but probably four chapters of protracted fighting and one "wrap up" chapter.

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That sounds pretty silly. And not good.


Nice to have a final number though...74, huh. Would mean I'd still have to get 63 volumes. That's...a lot of volumes.

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I'd tell you to just let it go, but seeing as I still watch Once Upon a Time (a show I have grown to groan at and complain about) I say continue to be a fellow masochist and prepare for sweet sweet agony.

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I mean, part of it will be the completionism, but I honestly have a soft spot for Bleach and don't really expect much from it. At the same time, I still really love Kubo Tite's art, so that's reason enough for me to press forward. It's not a priority or anything. But someday I do kinda want to complete it.


Plus the boxsets they come out with are fairly cheap. Could get like 27 volumes for like 4 bucks each. Not horrible, all in all.

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That...sounds like a really good deal, actually.  And I have been debating re-reading it on and off for a while...I'm gonna have to remember that.

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Yeah, the MSRP isn't too low (though still decent), but you can find them heavily discounted pretty easily, and at least Barnes & Noble is always running some promotion or other on top of that. It's a pretty good value.

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