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EVO 2016



Oops a semi-related tangent: I've never really gotten into fighting games, and I'm quite horrible at them, but my closest friends are all really good at them and have always played them when we hang out. I finally decided to buy myself a quality fightstick so I can learn to play and get as good as they are so I contribute to the fun and not just get passed the gamepad every now and then out of pity for a friendly but pathetic 30 second beatdown before they resumed their rounds. Honestly, fighting games are so incredibly complex and can teach so many useful skills and philosophies that go far beyond gaming, and that's really cool and with all the studying I've been doing I now have a much greater appreciation for them.


Anyways, the real point of this blog entry is:


My bestest friend in the whole wide world, who is the most proficient and passionate about fighting games in the group, flew in to Las Vegas for EVO and is going to be participating in tournaments for Smash, Pokken, and most importantly of all Street Fighter V. I'm so excited for him and I'm just so happy that my best friend is living his dream and following his heart and I really think he's got it in him to get far. Do you ever get so happy for your friends who you love so much that it's like the most important thing in the world? I'm so hyped up. SO IF YOU'RE GONNA BE WATCHING EVO, ROOT FOR MY BOY!!!! I mean you won't know who he is BUT AS LONG AS YOU REMEMBER THIS ENTRY THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH! JUST SEND OUT THOSE GOOD VIBES!


SO EXCITING!! Does anyone else love fighting games, or enjoy watching EVO, or LOVE THEIR FRIENDS AND SUPPORTING THEM IN THEIR PURSUITS? Please share your stories c:

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