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What simple thing brings you joy?



Simple question.


"What simple thing brings you joy?"


Everyone can feel joy or happiness from extravagant ideas or concepts but what about the simple things?


For me it's when I have time to do what I want. Whether it's to be able to work on my own projects or just laze around all day, it's definitely one of those simple things I enjoy.


What about you?


What simple thing(s) brings you joy?




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Getting to spite a Junkrat in Overwatch.


Oh, your riptire killed most of my team? Well isn't it a shame that HEROES NEVER DIE! This, BTW, is not because I got to give my team an edge in the match. No, this is purely because I despise Junkrat's ult and am sick of having it burned on me because I'm the healer. For all I care, my team can all get taken out because they don't appreciate me.


I never claimed to be a good person.

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Randomly answering old questions on some person's blog...




Some really sappy things happening can give me an unreasonable amount of happiness.


Less sappily than those things I'm not listing: getting to give my cousins a great big bear hug and kiss.

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