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Toa Smoke Monster



For those who don't know what a hand spinner is, it looks something like this.


Anyways, I learned yesterday that these objects called 'hand spinners' are the newest craze going on right now. I actually didn't even know that they existed until yesterday. All I've seen them do is spin for a long time while someone is holding it. That's it. I guess they could spin on their own while their laying on a table or something similar, but when I saw people try to do that, the spinner became mobile and crashed into stuff.


I've also seen them being sold for all kinds of different prices. Online, I've seen them being sold for a couple dollars. But at my local Kroger they were being sold at eight dollars for one spinner. That's not to mention that my one of my coworkers said he bought one for twenty dollars and sold it to someone else for forty dollars. (Yes, FORTY DOLLARS!)


I guess I just don't see the appeal of them. I mean, they look cool, and it's neat that they can spin for as long as they do. But I just don't see why people would spend so much money on them. I personally wouldn't spend more than five dollars on a spinner, if I were to get one.


Am I just missing something here? I admit that I don't always keep up with what's popular these days, so I very well could be. If I am, can anyone explain to me why these spinners has become so popular? I'd really be interested to know. Especially since people are apparently willing to buy them for twenty to forty dollars.


And what do you think of the spinners? Do you like them, or not?

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Fidget Spinners were actually created in the 1990's for people with ADHD and general hyperactivity.  I didn't know of them until recently either, and I have absolutely no idea why they are on the craze right now. It is very random.

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:kaukau: I actually spun one for the first time today.  It did nothing for me.  Kids in the classroom have been using them a lot, though.  It's a little obnoxious, but I'd rather them be playing with those than video games.  We give kids computers now to do their work on, which I'm not the biggest fan of.  That's not how they did it when I was in high school, and on plenty of occasions I have had to catch a student's attention and inform them that I can in fact see them playing video games.  Fidget Spinners?  Not worth being authoritarian over.



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I've seen more people complaining about fidget spinners than I've seen using them... sooo yeah.



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