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Day 5: Untitled Remake Comedy Bonus Content



Day 5!! Already two days before I bid my blog goodbye for a year.




Well anyway, today I'm going to throw together some hodge-podge stuff. Some timeline info on the remake, some deleted scenes. Teasers for the third season will come tomorrow and Wednesday. Hope you enjoy!



  • Four seasons - Transport, Consequence, The Hero, ​CENSORED (what? I can't give you the title just yet!)
  • Replacing The Adventures of Tahu canon ​(this is correct)
  • Will obliterate The Fire Chronicles canon ​(Yes. As stated before, TFC and its sequel are no longer canon with the release of this comedy.)
  • Releasing chapters weekly, at least 6-7 days apart ​(Besides a few monthly gaps, this remained mostly true.)
  • PSAs, Specials, Interviews still exist ​(That they do.)
  • Brutaka/Vezon storyline = main addition ​(Brutaka was a minor character in TAoT. Here, he's a major character along with Vezon, despite their mysterious showings so far. They'll be further explored in The Hero Tahu​.)
  • More epicomedy ​(Somewhat true, but a large number of chapters in this comedy have contradicted this.)
    • Humor is mostly reserved to NAW characters ​(This is mostly true, however.)

    [*]TNTS, Narrator, Censorer, Transition Guy, Guardius, Formata, Extra Guy ​(Yup.)

    [*]No stupid romantic subplots. ​(Almost...)

    [*]Will Hero Factory appear? If so, not until S2E10. ​(You'll see.)

    [*]No fan-made characters or Nintendo storyline, besides NAW ​(Still remains true. Meta may be a white and gold version of Meta Knight, but he's also a part of MetaStriker so...)

    [*]Only Narrator ventures out of Wig Salon. ​(Pretty much. TSO joined him last-minute.)

    [*]Less extra characters; characters that appear are mainly recurring/play some major role in story ​(Mostly true, though I'm looking to add a few characters in The Hero Tahu​.)

    [*]More background ​(YES.)

    [*]Lewa's dead. ​(Yup. This was explained.)

    [*]Motivation for fighting. ​(I mean, if you haven't seen it by now...)

    [*]Still needs a title ​(sTiLL neeDS a TiTLe)

...seriously!! Please vote for a title.


Next up...





  • NOTE: Everything before this year has gone just as usual in the plot.
  • The Toa Inika defeat the Piraka. The Ignika falls into Mahri Nui, and the Toa pursue it.
  • As Teridax's essence prepares to follow them into The Cord, a hurricane destroys the Piraka Stronghold.
  • The Piraka and Umbra are killed; as the hurricane surfaces, the leader of the Order stands in the stronghold's ruins.
  • Helryx stops Teridax from following the Toa and forces him to form an alliance with her, or face death.
  • Suspicious, Brutaka questions Helryx's agenda. She ignores him.
  • Axonn sides with Helryx in agreement, without hesitation. Brutaka attacks Axonn in disagreement, but Helryx fluidly pushes Brutaka away from them, into the raging storm outside.
  • Helryx declares an end to the Order of Mata Nui and crowns herself as empress of the Orderly Empire.
  • Teridax officially abandons his plans and joins her, reorganizing the Brotherhood of Makuta to be an army faction under the Order.


  • The Toa Inika transform into the Toa Mahri, fighting the Barraki in search of the Ignika, Mask of Life.
  • Helryx and Axonn travel to Odina to ally with the Dark Hunters. They meet some of the Toa Nuva there, convincing them to abandon their mission and return to Metru Nui.
  • Helryx effortlessly convinces the rather dumb Shadowed One to ally with them, thus gaining control of the Dark Hunter army.
  • Teridax possesses a Maxilos robot and, following Helryx's orders, travels to the Pit jail. He kills Lesovikk, Sarda and Idris during their fight with Karzahni. Though Karzahni despises Teridax, he allies with him to stop the Mahri and join the Empire's ranks.
  • Axonn returns to Voya Nui to lead the Voyatoran into the Nui Caves. They disappear.
  • TSO orders a siege of Voya Nui, looting the volcano of resources and destroying all known evidence of the beings' existence on the island.
  • Vezon comes across the unconscious Brutaka and awakens him. The two realize the Dark Hunters are attacking the island and decide to escape together. Brutaka creates a dimensional portal and they disappear through it.
  • Axonn enters the Cord, descending to the five Toa Mahri who are preparing to destroy it. Matoro locates and swims toward the Ignika.
  • Helryx appears, knocking Matoro unconscious. She fails to retrieve the Ignika, which falls past the void of Voya Nui into Karda Nui.
  • The Toa Mahri ascend the Cord with the Mahritoran and destroy the Cord. Behind them, Axonn effortlessly knocks out the group, placing them into stasis tubes.
  • He meets up with Helryx, who is lugging along Matoro in a stasis tube, and they teleport back to Daxia Fortress.
  • Mata Nui dies.


  • The Ignika falls into Karda Nui alone, where it sinks to the bottom of the swamp.
  • Lewa, who is using the Great Sundial to find the Codrex, notices something fall into the water. Levitating it from the Swamp of Mystery, Lewa dons the Ignika to revive Mata Nui and dies, unbeknownst to anyone but the remaining Av-Matoran, who have no way of contacting beings outside of Karda Nui.
  • Mata Nui is revived, but is confined within the Ignika. The mask sinks back into the swamp and lays dormant for nine years.
  • Helryx and Axonn secure the stasis tubes in Daxia Fortress. Helryx rebuilds Teridax's old body and appoints him Assistant to Her Orderly Empress. Axonn is appointed Her Orderly Mercenary, Karzahni is appointed Her Orderly General, and TSO is appointed Her Orderly Stalwart.
  • Helryx calls for a mass meeting in the Coliseum. She announces that Mata Nui has died despite the efforts of the Toa Mahri, but she will be leading in their stead under the Orderly Empire.
  • Suspicious, Taka sneaks to Mangai, where he finds that the Bahrag are still imprisoned, the Great Sundial is gone, and there is no sign of Lewa's body anywhere. He returns to Metru Nui without being noticed.
  • The remaining Toa Nuva are appointed Her Special Guard. Helryx mentions that Lewa failed to obtain the Great Sundial and was murdered alone by the Bahrag.
  • Reunification between the Matoran/Toa/Turaga and the Makuta/Dark Hunters occurs
  • Brutaka and Vezon arrive in the actual BIONICLE storyline, observing what could have happened if everything went as planned. Realizing the horror of Helryx's plan, they try to go back, but teleport into a different dimension…


  • On Bara Magna, the Skrall attack the Arena Magna during the Great Tournament and destroy it.
    • After several months of fighting, the separated tribes all surrender to the Rock Tribe. The Skrall Empire, led by Tuma, takes control of Bara Magna and dismantles the Glatorian system.

    [*]Brutaka and Vezon arrive in "The Adventures of Tahu" storyline. They realize how bad the writing and jokes are and get out of there.

    [*]Taka journeys to Artakha and tells the being about his discovery. Artakha begins to dissent against the Orderly Empire.


  • BIONICLE ends in the real world.
  • The story of HERO FACTORY is established in the real world, and thus becomes a part of all alternate universes.
    • Von Nebula loses to the Alpha Team, and is jailed inside his Black Hole Staff, spiraling through black holes continuously.

    [*]Artakha continues to reject the ideals of the Empire. Karzahni quietly lays siege to the island, destroying its Crystal Serpents and imprisoning his brother on his own island.

    [*]Brutaka and Vezon arrive in "Tahu vs. Tahu," where they see Tahu Stars singing his sword. Scrambling into the basement, they meet the dual Vezon toys for a quick sip of tea before they jump to another dimension.


  • I join BZPower on March 19th, 2011.
  • BZPower's Forum Construction occurs. The forums return in October 2011.
  • Defeated, Von Nebula continues to spiral through tunnels of his black hole.
    • He finally emerges on the coffee table of the Toa Nuva meeting room in Daxia Fortress. They freak out and alert Helryx.
    • Helryx also freaks out. Teridax rushes in and uses his shadow powers to reanimate the portal and send Von Nebula back through the black hole.

    [*]Aware that Artakha has been incarcerated for rebelling, Taka goes to the Turaga of Metru Nui. They have also been suspicious of the empire. He tells them to not tell any of the Toa Nuva, but Nokama tells Gali.

    [*]Brutaka and Vezon arrive in "Choose Your Own BIONICLE Adventure." They choose to hop another dimension.


Wow. I'm sure that provided a ton of backstory. Keep in mind that the remake takes place in 2016-2017, so there's still five years of content I've yet to reveal :)


One more small tidbit:


Deleted Scene (Tahu’s Transport, Chapter 5)


Moments passed. Moments turned to minutes. Minutes passed to ten-minute increments, because the author just had to draw out the dramatic effect as long as possible.


You can’t disagree.


Now, normally this is the part where Helryx has some dramatic monologue about trying to find a little droplet of water to create a geyser out of, which symbolizes how one little slice of hope can achieve success. But since this is the second time we’re retelling this story, we’re going to drag out the dramatic effect of waiting even longer. And even longer than that.



You know what I don’t agree with? The fact that we managed to fix so much about what was going wrong with this comedy, yet you got more annoying.

Dude. Character development.

Dude. Plot > Pointless Little Banter Between The Author And His Annoying Narrator.

Keep math out of this.


As a droplet of water fell from a broken sewage pipe, the droplet expanded in milliseconds to create a geyser out of.


​Short, but sweet. I cut that part out because it was too drawn out and too rant-y for my tastes. This would've occurred from when the crowd of Matoran, Toa and Turaga rush into Nuju's Lab to see Helryx seemingly crushed under the pile of debris to when she rises out to give her terrorizing speech and kills Nuju.


Good stuff.


See you all tomorrow!! Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any thoughts why not post them below in the comments?




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