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Light Bluish Gray




My very first topic (or post, for that matter) on BZP was in BIONICLE-Based Creations and featured... an MOC with a very vague description and literally no photos, as I hadn't yet heard of Brickshelf. The MOC was called the "Ko-Defender."


On a seemingly unrelated note, I had no idea about the distinction between "light gray" and "light bluish gray" until yesterday; I only knew about "dark gray" and "dark bluish gray" as the pieces in those two colors tend to be bigger. So obviously, I had to go through my entire list of sets to figure out which ones may have incorrect gray pieces.


The answer was easy: all of the second-hand sets I'd bought from 2013 till now and all of my own sets from before and after the color transition in 2004 that I'd personally mashed up.


And it turns out the last sets I'd EVER mashed up in my life were the sets I used for that cringy-looking ice-based MOC in 2005.


So I opened up my Kopaka Mata, Kopaka Nuva, Kurahk and Toa Nuju to check if any of the light gray pieces were mixed up, and—of course—they were.


And now they're all in their proper places.


I literally can't believe how satisfying it was to trace and redistribute these pieces after almost 14 years.

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:kaukau: Wow, you're taking me back man.  I haven't made an MOC in forever.  There's a chance that my first MOC might actually still be stashed away in a box somewhere.


By the way, do you have pictures of the distinction between light gray and light bluish gray?  I actually don't know what you're talking about.  I have a hunch, but that's not the same as knowing.



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