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Throwback Thursday: Doubt

Taka Nuvia




On my recent trip down memory lane I came across a myriad of long forgotten stuff - among other things, the two-page comic Doubt that I drew back in 2014, coincidentally also in November. It's weird that this was six years ago, it still feels extremely recent - especially because I can clearly remember sitting in a park outside drawing some of the panels with freezing fingers. Idk why my younger self thought that was a good idea.

Doubt was an interesting experiment, though, because I decided to forego dialogue wherever possible, telling a snippet of a story with as few words as I could manage. It worked okay, for the most part. Setting-wise, it tied in with the Bionicle Mafia story world.

While from today's perspective there are tons of technical mistakes, of course, there's also a lot of things I tried that I normally shy away from - backgrounds, or rather, the environment the characters live in, props, different lightings, the borderless panels. I think the layout was inspired by webcomics at the time.

To this day it's my longest standalone work, if you don't count the Comic Series I started back in 2011... but that's a story for another day.

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