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Mini Mush Plush, Bear Wear, Cards +...Flower Cart?

Mushy the Mushroom



Hello! Painted this little Totoro in a cartoon style a long while ago (fall?), a style I never do so feels wrong, but wanted a laminated cover for password book. The printer didn’t do so well, but I’m too chicken to laminate the original. I think I used pen too? Can't remember.


That’s Porg, up there.


Some last-minute ornament friends for my dad’s coworkers. Wonderfully fun waiting room hand-amusement. 3hrs to make each.


And one for a neighbor + thanku cards from an older (July 2021?) 9x12 pencil. 4.5hrs for 8 cards. 



IMG_2337.jpg.994b26dccfc795dd4853c5072ff754d3.jpg DA6E4813-270B-47A9-BDB7-14C85C519E13.jpg.8130581e09eb18c3ed863e0ae23a61a8.jpgIMG_2332.jpg.8a009ee081ae10880c12388333e361a5.jpg


Made a mush! Now I mustn’t wait for yard ones to sprout up. It simply never occurred to me before. Acrylic felt, stuffed with felt in the top, cotton scraps in the body, and I couldn’t find my dad’s steel BBs, so I used an old cabinet knob for a weight. A firm weeble-wobble body, perhaps?  Embroidery floss French knot details, felt face, embroidery body details. Blanket stitch arms. Head and arms attached with embroidery floss “joint” loops, which allow the head and arms to rotate and pose. 6.5hrs for Mush assembly, not sure about the outfit.



(Real mush was reference/inspiration).

Low effort from basement lace. Elastic layer skirt and separate beaded top. Tie straps are from braided gold thread and embroidery floss. Belt from beads from a different grandma. Branch wand from more of those + wire. Flowers were premade, then looped into a crown. 






Me grandmither gifted this wee ceramic cottage to me. I think she made it, her basement is still filled with molds, unfinished figures, porcelain doll handmade heads, and the old kiln.

Fabric field and tissue paper sky. Poly-fill pasted clouds. Harvested my foam baby butterflies off the pumpkin. It still hasn’t gone rotten yet. We are a tad frightened.

Mushy’s Monarch Madness -Stopmotion.




Made some garland for a *certain something* I’ll show below. And added straps to this bag also.  I was trying to finish it on pre- procedure night, but that did not happen. Pink peonies, pale Anemones, yellow Lisianthus, and gold billy buttons. Flowers from stretch lace, non stretch lace, peony centers from leather and a linen-wrapped wooden bead. Yo-yo mom’s-prom-dress lame for billy buttons. Greenery made by chain stitching two shades of green yarn into a freakishly long rope, doubling it over, then finger-chain stitching it together. Lace leaves tied in, flower wires wrapped to attach. Loosely used these instructions, if you want to plant some too!: https://somethingturquoise.com/?s=Felt+flowers


Was kindly gifted some grandma’s basement baskets. And a dinosaur head from my dad. XD A photo/stopmotion prop now? 


My mom tried some fancy knitting stitch piece panels. The deer are Fair Isle and this diagonal one. She let me transform into bear wear. And she made this knit “star” but she donated it for turning into a Child collar. Added beads and string tassels.


Bear wear! My mom asked for a hat and scarf design. Thought process: EWOK BEAR with TOES (claws?)



Her heartfelt handiwork, made in Hoboken Honey yarn. I can never repay her. Pom poms are hard. She made a matching set for Shasta! (I only added the wooden bead toes and tag.)


Coincidentally, she informed me I needed a new coat around the same time. I don’t like getting premade clothes, it takes my fun out of it and I like to dress weirdly (24/7 skirt and dress obsession-by choice. My mom scorns wearing dresses herself, haha.) But, it also seems wrong to make things for myself and not someone else..even if that someone is a doll. XD. But if she threatens to buy me a store bought outfit, I must indulge! The Khaki+clothesline coat. 42.5 hours for drafting and assembly combined. Had to do a new pattern, because the last one was a bit “off”, on non-transparent paper & lacked notch and seam allowance details. New one on parchment, cut the panels big and sized down, tried on and drafted while I went. My dad’s Khakis -Not because I couldn’t afford fabric, but because using rejects fills me with glee. Two pairs for the outer, one for the inner lining facings. Lining from grandma’s basement satin, underlined/thickened with two layers of old sheets. Hand basted then Interlined for warmth with this old fleece “snuggie” (the famous backwards robe without closures). Hand catch stitched the seam allowances open. Hand top stitch accents done in charcoal Tex 70 upholstery thread in running stitches. 






My first closure idea: That I had to cut off…after I remembered the backpack I made with straps from this cord. It bestowed permanent stains/bleeds from the dark dye.


So, I made these loops from an old clothesline and khaki strips. Triple tower of buttons to cradle the loops. 



Convertible collar- Draft reference: https://www.clothingpatterns101.com/convertible-collar.html

Then I thought about bears wearing tutus and had to follow through…13 hrs. 

Twirl-fullness stretch lace overskirt made from alternating swatches of “coral dream” from the factory shutdown- this too, is what I used for the flower garland. Alternating lower hem for length and to avoid stripe matching. Handsewn backstitch elastic waistband to prevent machine-munching. Satin underskirt is leftover basement loot from jacket lining. Lace accent hems and French seams on each. 


*tutu twirling mandatory*


Do you ever bake a bit-batch of cookies to cover your face? Or trudge to the shed side in 30 degree temps after being up all night to chase the sun? 934EA0B1-0663-4690-B28B-D6064670AE2B.JPG.57295df3863ef4ce878bee517e957e12.JPG

Or shove a straight-off-the-pinestraw, probably parasitic bird nest into your scarf?


*has zero explaination besides #ForeverAwkward, needs a model sister*


FullSizeRender(23).jpg.7d3b45245125b4b4d295e4c3c0f31590.jpg IMG_2815.jpg.a2d3bd7c2f7036cf3d4ff94b61ef8b2f.jpg


Really messed up my wall with this fence.

Ridiculous, but life is too delicious to be adorned in attire one doesn’t adore (if you please, that is!). Storybook style, why not? I have an unhealthy lack of fear for peer pressure.

POV:  Falling wayward on wobbly brace-less legs. 


What the garden garland is for:

…My sweet ride. The cheery chariot…A flower cart? Yes. Mine. Not the hospital’s, not borrowed. Shame, insecurity, yet glorious freedom. Got a prescription, but it was taking too long, so this one’s from Amazon. The initial order got lost for weeks, due to holiday shipping..but they then sent one for free, “for the trouble”!? The greatest New Years’ gift I never expected to need. (I am grateful for Tylenol, I was writhing in tears without it a year ago, and I can walk and stand with boned-braces, but meager distances and durations. Untreated severe arthritis pain and weakness via whatever disease.)




Mostly for going shopping/etc, but I’m couchstuck more lately, and been trying it with sewing. I can roll between tables, zip between machines and sit upright without flopping face down at the table every five minutes. Yay! Only tried it in two stores so far. It’s hard to figure out how to unfold the thing from the car. I finally get to use the old rollerskating wrist braces I wasn't ever able to before..as wheeling wrist reinforcements! I apparently went way too fast and was reminded that shortness of breath can be achieved without standing up, haha.  Nobody stared, which was surprising. Thanks, kind peoples! It’s a bit easier to blend when you’re lower than the rest of the world. For that I am thankful, as I ordinarily try to hide from humans under my hats, behind shelves, my family, and dogs.  Removed the unwanted MEDLINE stickers, added webbing accents and lace wheel caps, ribbon, the garden garland, hybrid bag, and covered the back label with crochet square. I am one happy pseudograndma.

"Hold everything tightly with an open hand"


'Tis all a gift. ^_^


Bonus: My grandma, bless her, none of us know how she crams her possessions about so efficiently. She gifted my mom two giant boxes of old yarn in every color. 

My mom completed these happy-go-lucky-green leg warmers yesterday! Moms rock.  Seven year old me is green-joy-screaming. Green was the only favorite color I ever decided on, probably because I was chronically climbing trees. Now every color is my fancy! What’s yours?


I have more content but better not rudely crash the blogs with images, haha.


Recent renditions of medical happenings without context/the past months of craziness (if I ever get a diagnosis I’ll fill in the gaps and dump it on the internet for fun somewhere, haha).

The hospital keeps approving 100% medical financial aid. I am not worthy, they have been most pleasant to this peasant! ;_; <3

Few weeks ago: SIBO breath test: Positive. “Insurance saved you 2,380+ dollars on this medication”

Return visit to Endo: *Terror in doctor’s eyes as she gives repeat urgent referral to rheumatology and pushes GI and Neurology* Her Notes: “Can’t wait much longer”.

Me: *wakes up from whatever random soft spot where I fell asleep at around 4:30 PM on January 3rd. Crawls upstairs*

*My mom excitedly shouts from below that she got a next-day snow-scare cancellation slot for that more complex GI procedure repeat (she was calling three times/day) of the one that failed in September…and was rescheduled in April*.I didn’t believe it. We departed at 6 am on icy roads, I was suited up with the Pillcam receiver belt and monitor bag, and was under full anesthesia at 10 am, got a deeper EGD with repeat biopsy and endoscopically deployed Pillcam. I awoke sometime later coughing violently and a sore throat that I later discovered was mildly gouged and bleeding.I remember a nurse telling me not to get my neck caught in the hospital bed bars. This was the most difficult awakening from anesthesia so far, we all know I am becoming weaker. Wheelchair ride to the car. I was given instructions to not lie down, sleep or eat until the recording was over (since a camera had been placed into my GI tract these things would affect digestion rate). I didn’t tell them I’d been up since 4:30 the prior evening, there was nothing they could do, haha. So I staggered around the house l until 8pm when the recording was complete, and my mom returned the belt gear the following day.

They actually found something. Multiple somethings. It didn't fail this time.

*Seven days later*

ER adventures. I think I know all the staff there now. They rock, but get that terrified of “oh gosh, we don’t know how to help her” look when I walk in. I feel bad about it. The following is brief, heavily edited, pasted summary of the ER event message I sent to doctors: 

“On 1/11/2021 at 2:00 am, I began getting extremely itchy chin/jaw hives, my chronic dry facial flushing got redder, and my chin started swelling. Hadn’t ingested food in hours. Symptoms gradually got worse. At 8:30 am, the swelling worsened, my throat became sore and tight/constricted, and my voice got hoarse/crackly.  I arrived at the ER at 9:00 am and was later given a Benadryl IV and nebulized medicine, as I cannot tolerate Prednisone or Epi anymore. I became unable to move, feel my body, or speak a moment after the Benadryl IV.  I tried to talk and the words came out as slurred mumbles. They then administered the nebulizer meds. After a few hours I became conscious and able to move/talk again, and was discharged. My limbs were still numb walking out, then my body went completely limp/numb and I collapsed in the exit foyer. Someone lifted me into a wheelchair, we stayed in the waiting room for about 20 more minutes, then used a wheelchair to get to our car and went home. My hands are still numb/have decreased sensation.
No past adverse reactions to Benadryl. 
I did not/cannot use my Epi-pen, as it worsened the unexplained anaphylaxis/type reaction in November 2020, and since in December 2020 the local dental anesthesia Epi caused me to convulse, provoked severe dry facial flushing, gasping/throat constriction, and I momentarily collapsed.  Epi always stopped my anaphylactic food reactions in the years when I had food allergies, so this is quite odd. I no longer have any food allergies. This is my second episode of unexplained anaphylaxis/type reaction since I became very systematically ill in 2020. My allergist also ruled out mast-cell reactions with a h1/h2 trial.

I am so glad this happened. Why? Some doctors… they sometimes try to withhold information when they are unable to solve “Zebra” cases. I’ve had to repeatedly dig up my own imaging and lab results and push for things they…neglected to tell me about. This ER trip, coupled with being forced to confront unmentioned, potentially serious medical issues found in the one-week-prior EDG + capsule imaging reports convinced my GI doctor to order a needed, even more complex investigatory procedure. What a timely ER trip, something that I will give thanks for all my days! This one’s scheduled in late June, or maybe, if there is a cancellation, sometime soon. (I do feel bad though, my mom worries and I just blind trust.)  I do not mind either way, I have my year planned out, haha. It’s been awesome so far! Last year I didn’t even have a primary care doctor! :spinsmile: Wishing worlds of well to any all who actually read this far. Hope it brought some amusement, haha?

Thanks all, that's all. May your day be extraordinary!

Also It's snowing here, right now! And this splendid occasion is something to celebrate! and, here's a picture of a puppy. It's from the card pack that I stole the pre-made envelopes from. I love him far more than I should.





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