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A Professional



Well, after a brief Invision Board-based hiatus, we're back!

Did you like that video review of Tahu and Takua? I haven't done one in a while and it was fun to dive back in, especially since, over the past year, I've moved to doing video post-production full time. I was freelancing for around a year at a couple of documentary houses until last month when I started as a staff Assistant Editor a trailer house. If you saw the trailer for Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny, that was us. I had nothing to do with that Indy trailer, but I did see a TV Spot I helped out with on TV on New Year's Eve, so that was pretty dope. There are a lot of projects in the pipe that I can't talk about (I'm NDA'd within an inch of my life) but it's super cool to, y'know, be doing this professionally.

Part of the fun of the gig is getting to see how those trailers are made and see all the ways the Editors make them work. And then learn from them and use them when cutting something else.

Like a video review for a Bionicle site.


I put more effort into this than the other reviews I did, part because it's Bionicle and part because, well, I wanted to take stuff I've learnt out on a semi-dry run. There was an AfterEffects project too to enhance the glow in the opening too, plus some foley and externally-recorded sound. Then some funky sound design too 'cuz this stuff is fun.

Because hey, I am a proper professional.



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Congratulations on so interesting an occupation!  I always wonder what BZPpeople do in the realm of reality. 

Oh wow, I somehow completely missed the video review's location *off to find*. The BZPgram reel was a fine futuristic surprise! 

Edit: Enthralling review! Thanks for taking the time to make it, so detailed. And major bonus points for nostalgia Tahu recreation photo at the end. ^_^

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