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A Contribution To Bbc 44...

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


As Tohu flew down the street

A person he happened to meet

Stared at him and said,

"Hey look, here's a head!

And it doesn't have any feet!"




Tohu's eyes glowed red with delight

He beamed and said, "Sir, you are right!

Here, have an orange

It's healthy and sure to prevent you from catching the common cold, plus it's a great source of vitamin C. The fruit typically has 11 individual pieces inside, and oranges originated in southeast Asia, in either India, Vietnam or southern China... "

But just then, the person took flight





Recommended Comments

"Local Note"


In Sparkill buried lies that man of mark


Who brought the Obelisk to Central Park,


Redoubtable Commander H.H. Gorringe,*


Whose name supplies the long-sought rhyme for "orange."


--Arthur Guiterman



*US Naval Commander Henry Honychurch Gorringe, captain of the USS Gettysburg, discovered Gorringe Ridge in 1875.

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I don't think oranges are on Tohu's diet.

Yeah, they go straight to his feet...

...or lack thereof.


The Silver Server shall Rise!



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Look guys, Turakii is posting a BBC#44 poem about Tohu. But it`s bad and will surely get her frowned upon.


Infact, I`m reporting her to Tohu right now... MWAHAHAHAHAHA! :evilgrin:

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I second that.


Third that.


Nothing rhymes with orange...




Porridge sort of rhymes with orange. :P At least, it sounds kind of like it.


Nice poem. xD It was pretty funny.



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