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Yay, Saturday!



Heh, Saturdays are fun. :P


Today was kind of lazy. My dad and I watched part of a movie on TV (Executive Order or something like that), then we watched another movie (this time with my mom and sis present): A Few Good Men, wit Tom Cruise and people. Both pretty good movies, I'd say, though kinda old. Anyway, when those were over and everything it was around eight. We'd been planning to go to Barnes & Noble, so... We did.


Anyway, I've been wanting to get Hahli Inika, and our B&N has a TRU right next to it, so I went and made my purchase, then we stayed at B&N for the rest of the evening. I read some of the latest Star Wars novel: Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: ... Something. Guh, I can't remember the name... Feh. But it's not fair, since it's a big hardcover book. I always buy the cheaper $7.99 novels, and this one is $24.99 USD. Which means I can't get it. Not fair. Oh well, I'll just read it at the store, though that'll take a while. Oh, and I also got a grammar book today, which is cool. :D Yes, contrary to... Um, obscure belief, I do like grammar a lot.


After various things happening when we got home, I got to build Hahli Inika... 'Twas a lot of fun. I really like the Inika...


The Kanohi Elda isn't really so bad, though having it in my hand didn't drastically change my view on it as it did with the Sanok. The tubes don't quite look like mustache and beard anymore, since I can actually see where they connect to the head. I still think it looks kind of angry and bug-eyed, but... It's really not so bad. Maybe I've just warmed up to it. ^_^


Also, I really like the blue/qhite mixture in her pieces. It's so new, and the mixing has some really nice swirl patterns in them. The whole color combination gives a feeling of freezing cold water, at least to me. Like arctic oceans. I think it's a very nice look for her, and I love the use of different color schemes in the Inika. Gives a bit of variety. :D


I really should post some pictures. I'd love to get some nice Inika pics... I'm just not so certain about the photography setting I've been using... The white sheet and all. Too yellow with too many shadows. It's annoying... I need something more reflective. I tried using the backs of white posters, but that didn't really work so well... Any ideas, anyone?


Well, that's my day, really. It's late (or early, if you prefer) and I should be heading to bed shortly... 'Night, everyone. ^^




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Ooh, you got Hahli! I almost got her two days ago (... The 23rd ... that would have been freaky: we would have both gotten her on the same day. :blink: (Edit: Oh, wait, you got her on the 22nd. And announced it very early on the 23rd.)), alongside the Viking Fortress, but I decided I'd wait. Decided I'd use the $10 (+ $1) for a year of Premiership instead.


Of course, now I only want Hahli more. Ooh, arctic oceans ... I like that description of her. And the Elda, and the blended pieces ... You're making me jealous. :lol:


Photography? I always use two pieces of white posterboard as a backdrop over a white tablecloth, on a table next to a large window, which works well ... Since any lamp results in yellow lighting (well, a deskside lamp type thing), I always use indirect sunlight.


... Now what on Earth were you doing up at 3 in the morning?! :P Off to bed with you!

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