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Life Is Short

Toa Lhikan Hordika


Well...about four years ago, my (former) across-the-street neighbors moved to Burton Michigan. There was a single mother named Sue, her oldest son (currently 18) Cody, her two fraternal twins (who are 11), Cory and Cayn, and her youngest girl, Cara (who is 8). Though they moved just short of two hours away from us, we kept in touch. They were just like family to us, I mean, her two twin sons were born just a year before Mandy was.


After I had gotten home yesterday after a weekend of traveling to Kalamazoo to pick up our new dog Tye, I went to bed because I had to get up early to go to my local High School to take the MEAP test. Well, I took the first part of it today which was centered around writing. I had to write a page (well actually 1-4 pages, but I did 2) on a personal experience and what I learned from it. Once I had finished this part of the test, I had to turn it in and call my mom so that she could pick me up to take me to work shortly after.


In the brief time that I had at home (about 15 minutes), I ate Taco Bell for lunch and prepared to depart when I got a phone call. It was Cody and apparently, his Mother, Cara, and Cayn were on their way to pick up Cory from a Life Guard class of some sort when a 16 year old girl crashed into them. Sue and Cara are alright, but Cayn died on impact.


I'm not kidding when I say that I'm crying as I write this, it's just not right that an 11 year old should die, least of all like that. He actually had a learning dissability, but I tell you, he was probably one of the most loving people I've ever known in my life. When he was a younger kid, he was little difficult to deal with (I believe most kids with Down's Syndrome are at younger ages), but when he got to about age 8, he just became such a joy to be around.


His funeral is this Friday and my family and I will be visiting them every day this week, so I won't be on BZP a whole lot the remainder of this week.


For those who, for some reason, don't believe me, here's the news article


Random Fact Of The Day:


Unless you get it at a stand, you should never eat yellow snow.


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This is why They need to make cars safer. So many deaths are caused by cars. it's just so sad. And the poor kid had a learning disability. Nobody deserves to die of anything.



-poofs magic live-forever dust on everyone-

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I'm sorry for you and his family. It really sucks when something like that happens. I'll keep him in my prays. May he rest in peace.


I know you shouldn't eat yellow snow. In fact, I don't eat any snow unless it's falling.



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OMG, that is so sad. I can't believe it. That brought tears to my eyes. If you see your friends, tell them I'm sorry for their loss. :(



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