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The Legend Of Zelda Mocist Guild





Welcome -


After having almost thoroughly playing through The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I started making Bionicle versions of some of the monster in that game, since I was surprised that hardly anyone has tried making any Legend of Zelda MOCs. Since I think that 'recreating' things from this series out of Lego is a great experience, I decided I wanted to start a club where people can be inspired and do this as well.


The main purpose of this 'club' would be to build your own version(s) of enemies, characters, objects, whatever you want, from this fantastic game series out of Bionicle. Also, this would allow you to ask others in this 'club' if they could review your work, since they love the series as well.


If you would like to join, all I ask is that you post here with link to a picture of a LoZ MOC that you have made, the name of it, and if you have one, a reference picture. You need not fufill that last requirement if you do now wish to, I may be able to obtain a reference picture myself.

I also ask for you to suggest a name for this 'club' if you have a better one in mind than the one I made, and if you're good at graphics, perhaps create a banner. :P


So, let the fun begin!


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The only Zelda Games I have are Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages and Minish Cap. I have played The Four Swords though and almost bought Phantom Hourglass on the weekend (I just had to get the new Fire Emblem). I have a Darknut inspired MOC in my sig titled Gornox.


BTW, how about the LoZer Club? LOL.

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That's fine, I don't really care what games you've played, just as long as you want to create MOCs based on the things in the games.


Um, no. :P

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Sounds like a good idea but ive only got two zelda games plus i dont moc much so i doubt that ill join... sorry


Toa Zahaku

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Sounds like a great idea but I haven't MOCed any Zelda stuffs, but I did Pit from SSBB...does that qualify? :P


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Sounds like a great idea but I haven't MOCed any Zelda stuffs, but I did Pit from SSBB...does that qualify? :P



What do you think? :P


Awsome! Can I join? I was going to make some zelda based Mocs tonight!


Sure, just get a picture of one of your Zelda-based MOCs up, and give a name if you don't have a reference picture, and I'll see if I can find one.

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OK, so here is who we have so far:





Waiting for MOCs:




Ultimate Kardas


I'll be sending out PMs to let you all know, just to get things going. :)

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EDIT: Yay! I finished Navi the fairy!




Reference picture


And just for fun, I found a piece that looks like a parasitic tentacle from inside Jabu-Jabu.










Sorry, but I want to keep the BZP rules. :) -Z

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That's about life-sized, too. :P Too bad you couldn't put in a little speaker that shouts 'hey!' every 5-10 seconds. :D


OK, so here's the people that qualify for the Legend of Zelda MOCist Guild:


1. Aeori

2. Ultimate Kardas


If you know anybody that would like to join, then just let them know. Now that I'm NOT busy after today, I'll be able to get back into the swing of things and send out PMs.

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It actually is life size!


But yeah, I just finished the Twilight Princess. Very fun game. I might want to make Zant.



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