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I have a lot of respect for BZP's news staff, especially when they make publicly known a huge influx of movie info, but in all honesty...

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"Metus's Revenge" really doesn't make me think that he's the traitor. Now, don't get this wrong, he is still a candidate for the traitor-- after all, he seems to be the master of wheeling and dealing, and is in my eyes quite capable of getting Tuma to eat out of his hand as the traitor did in Empire of the Skrall.


However, consider this-- how is a movie going to work in an "extended ending" where the traitor exacts revenge on his foes? That would require a MAJOR cliffhanger ending, since his "enemies" would probably be those characters we regard as "the good guys". And there's no way that with an ending that critical to the story, it would get shoved aside to appear only in an "extended version".


As I see it, it could very easily be Metus exacting his revenge either on the traitor (which would imply a traitor that Metus either trained or trusted, possibly Strakk) or some Skrall who wrongs him during the movie plot (which is on the other end of the spectrum, as an ending that wouldn't be dramatic enough to be advertised as anything other than a "deleted scene").

...but these are just my personal thoughts. Any you'd like to share?


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I was under the impression that the traitor plays a minor role in the movie, or at least that's what it sounds like based on what we've heard so far. Kind of a like an Ahkmou character. Sure, he's a bit of an annoyance, but small potatoes when it comes to the real bad guy.


Plus, with this sort of thing, it's always better to be safe than sorry. ;)

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I'll point out this, Aanchir.


When Six posted the article, he and I were in small discussion about it. We both realized that the news may or may not be official. I suppose he decided to post it anyway.


Here's a suggestion: Let's just wait until September to find out :P -Swert

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"or so it would seem"


I believe those words imply that it's not official. I have updated the news story to make this more clear.

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I entirely agree with your post.

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There's no point in having the traitor exact his revenge.


Edited because I'm trying to make this as vague as possible-- if someone doesn't want to know the spoilers, we shouldn't goad them by telling them what the spoilers allegedly reveal ~~Aanchir


Thanks. In hindsight it was rather noobish to not put that in spoiler tags. :P

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"or so it would seem"


I believe those words imply that it's not official. I have updated the news story to make this more clear.

I never said it was official. All I'm saying is that it would make more sense to let people draw their own conclusions rather than presenting it as if it's some grand revelation. Yes, there's spoilers, but without any supporting evidence that one tidbit is no more major than any of the other info that was revealed. Putting a spoiler warning on the news story, a huge gap after you click to read more, and white-on-white for that one assumption seems like overkill for something that's so meaningless unless coupled with wild speculation.

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