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Plains Of Karzahni




Concept Art for:
The Plains of Karzahni.

I wanted the sky to be full of doom, but it was refusing to cooperate, and it now looks like a sunset gone bad. :< Oh well. I ditched the rocks and matoran statue from the sketch, because they would have been too small to tell what they were. (I couldn't tell what they were in the sketch anyway.) I kind of like the way the clouds came out, and the ground isn't too bad either. I feel like the mountains should be less pointy though.

Sketched in Open Canvas, and painted in Deleter. About 8-9 hours, I think. (Technical difficulties not included.)

Sketch here.

Still working on finding some way to do concept art that looks good, but doesn't take too long. Might try some variation of inking next, but I've never been very fast at that. I don't know that painting has enough detail.


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