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Ackar & Kiina




A quick sketch, done when I ought to have been working on other things (like homework, or one of the paintings I've been neglecting for the past couple of months).

I kind of like it though. It started out as just a doodle of a robotic humanoid, but then it turned into Kiina, and so I got her down from my shelf and tried to make her look like the set, but at the same time be more armored than set-like.

Ackar popped up somewhere in the middle of all that, but unfortunately I don't have his set yet. :( So I went and tried to get pictures of him... couldn't find any really good ones, but I guess it worked out okay.

Interestingly enough, the next day a discussion popped up in the B:NG Art Topic about how Glatorian should be done so they still look like the set, but you can tell they're mostly organic as opposed to mechanical. This wasn't originally intended for B:NG, but everyone seemed to like it. Well, Rahl said he had had a slightly different idea, but so far no luck on seeing what he meant.


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