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Beat The Elite 4



Time for Kantoooo


Team I beat the Elite 4 with:



Gengar Lvl. 49


-Shadow Ball


-Dream Eater



Alakazam Lvl. 49

-Teleport (teehee)






Gyarados Lvl. 45


-Dragon Dance

-Ice Fang




Ho-oh Lvl. 47


-Fire Blast

-Sacred Fire

-Sunny Day



Growlithe Lvl. 47




-Fire Fang



Pidgeotto Lvl. 32

-Sand Attack


-Quick Attack



Yeah so I could have been them earlier, but I really liked leveling up my guys, and Growlithe only needed a bit more Exp. to get to 48, where he learns Flare Blitz and I can Fire Stone him into an Arcanine, so I figured I might as well just beat them. So I did. I never really used Ho-oh other than to stall Lance while I revived my Gyarados and set him up for DDance to the Ice Fang to the killing all Lance's Dragonites. Bread and MasterRace just couldn't stop leveling up because they are super effective against almost all the Leaders. Birdie was just along for the ride and I think he Quick Attacked Aerodactyl to kill him. Yup


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Back in my day, we didn't have these new fangled moves like Ice Fang and Extrasensory. We had to make our own Ice and Psychic moves. And we were grateful!

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I didn't have the need to teach him a TM, so I kept all his moves pretty much as is.


Starter was Cyndaquil and I don't need him so, why use him. lol


Yeah I have started getting repercussions from playing so much. I haven't played at home since like Monday because of my intense amount of homework. ><

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