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Ubisoft You Rock!

Vezok's Friend


So I open my e-mail today and guess what was in my inbox:


A Ubisoft newsletter with the offer to download one for 3 games for free as compensation for the Assassin's Creed 2 server-crash earlier this year.

I also got the first newsletter for regular-edition AC2-customers who were given a code to unlock the 3 bonus areas that come with the black edition, which I passed onto a friend (You know who you are).


And now I can choose between Tom Clancy's Hawx, Endwar or Heroes over Europe...but which one should I take...I think I'll go with Hawx. Nothing like being able to fly an F22 or EF2000 with cosmic rocket-payload.


But this is quite a cool move by Ubisoft. ^^


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