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And In The Seventeenth Year Bunda Found Pandora...



... And Bunda saw that it was totally awesome. B)


I typed in "Eisley," and out came... well, a lot of my favorite bands. And then some sweet tunes I hadn't heard before.


Stuff I already liked: Jason Mraz, The Shins, IZ, Feist, The Postal Service, The White Stripes, Imogen Heap, The Hush Sound, Coldplay, Regina Spektor, and of course Eisley...


Stuff I hadn't heard but liked and want to listen to more: Jaymay, Headlights, Stars, Ingrid Michaelson, Sarah Blasko, Kate Nash... probably some other stuff I didn't bookmark.


I'd heard of Pandora before, just hadn't tried it. Made my walk much more enjoyable. ^_^


Airbender and Twilight thoughts


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Oh, that's rock? Well, if that's rock, that's pretty much all I listen to. But I wouldn't really call that rock. At all.


I certainly don't enjoy the heavier stuff... Switchfoot is as far as I go, and they aren't very heavy. =/

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I use Last.fm. I like it better, but Pandora is cool too, I know a lot of people who use it and like it.

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