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The Colorssss



Got a family computer. Macbook Pro. Now we don't have to fight over who gets to use dad's work computer. lol


Problem is, the colors are BURNING MY EYES and I can't figure out how to make them normal. They're all so crisp and juicy... which I like... but some colors look weird and washed out, yellow especially, and all the basic in-computer settings look even worse than the default.


Maybe I'll figure something out later.


Now I have to decide... should I get Starcraft II for this computer or wait until I get my own? When I get one it'll definitely be running on Windows, so the game won't be compatible (between both computers). I'll probably wait. I have plenty of games to keep me busy... I still haven't taken The Orange Box out of its case, Reach is still fun, I've been playing HeartGold more recently, ordered TFU II, haven't finished the first Scribblenauts yet, bought Limbo but haven't played it yet... yeah.




for some reason the keyboard's backlight won't turn on

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