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What Occurred During Downtime

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Inferna Firesword


OR: How I did nothing of global significance in the past 6+ months, in no particular order. :P

  • Moped about the forums
  • Finished Chapter 11 of Wings
  • Purchased Halo: Reach
  • Got good at Halo: Reach
  • Reached Level 25 Prime in all War For Cybertron classes
  • Handed Krayzikk his aft on a silver platter
  • Scared Akaku in Halo: Reach
  • Made the Skyrim dragon thing
  • Made 5 glass Nuva symbols
  • Badgered Zahaki into getting WFC
  • Killed Zahaki in WFC
  • Became an official Slipstream fangirl
  • Ditched the 911 Porsche Turbo for the Lamborghini Aventador
  • Dumped Matau for TFP Starscream
  • (Almost) beat Metroid Prime 2
  • (Almost) beat Portal 2
  • Volunteered at the animal shelter
  • Learned to drive ( :evilgrin: )
  • Unsuccessfully tried to break Break of Day writer's block
  • Hosted an awesome 17th B-day party
  • Missed out on earning a laptop (>.<)
  • Upgraded to High School Senior
  • Procrastinated on AP English essays
  • Decided to take community college after graduation
  • Failed to take art classes
  • Went to Portland and Walla Walla
  • Went to BrickCon and made Swert into my publicity-slave. ( :evilbiggrin: )
  • Worked on Assassin's Creed blades
  • Worked on Autobot/Decepticon symbols
  • Realized the forums were back


I kept busy ... sorta. :biggrin:

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Recommended Comments

How come you learning to drive is scaring me? :P


Also, I envy you when it comes to Portal 2. I'm waiting for it for christmas, hopefully I'll have it by then.

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I have to second Bunda. Portal 2 is amazing.


I envy you when it comes to driving; New Jersey won't let me get a learner's permit until I turn sixteen. On the plus side I have but a month more to wait.

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Why didn't you finish Portal 2? It is so excellent. So excellent.

Mostly got distracted by other games ... like Reach and Metroid Prime 2. :P


You forgot to mention handing me my aft on a silver platter in WFC. :P

:P Thanks for reminding me.

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I swear; ive never had anyone make me jump so many times in one halo reach match. ever. >:C


not even kini is as stealthy as you, and he loves the active camo =P


Oh, also, you need to update some of the links on your blog :P

--Akaku: Master of Flight

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Scared Akaku in Halo: Reach
What did you do?

Snuck up behind him with a Shotgun and Active Camo, assassinated him, and hit him with a sniper rifle from way outside the rifle's scope. :P

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