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Long Overdue Hurricane Harvey Update

Here is an update that I probably should've posted earlier about how my family and I got through Hurricane Harvey. None of us were harmed in the storm, and we didn't lose our home or anything in it. We didn't even lose power. My parent's bedroom did take some water damage, but compared to what others have lost in the storm, we're not complaining.


As for my town, it is bouncing back to how it was before Harvey hit. Some food places still have a limited menu, but overall things are getting back to normal.


Overall, I'm really thankful that my family and I made it through the storm as well as we did. I know that can't be said for a lot of people affected by the storm. I just really hope we don't get another hurricane anytime soon.


And for all those that will be affected by Hurricane Irma, my thoughts go out to you. Please be safe.

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