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A Bionicle Flower Crown

Just a crown. Not really worth posting, definitely not in a topic, but I had a merry time with it. The back is held together with a tiny rubber band (Also one piece on the front, because it was broken).

Should Bionicle be fashion?


Should Bionicle be fashion in this manner?

No, probably not. But that definitely did not prevent me from going totally fantasy-medieval-princess with it.


Yay for tablecloth capes, letter opener daggers, that plush bear that frightens my mom, phone camera timers, a flimsy dock made exclusively for perching ducks, and laser level tripods. This is what happens when you’ve never celebrated Halloween. Any excuse for a costume will be taken. 

Am I the only one who feels as though shutdowns are a second Renaissance?




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"Should Bionicle be fashion?"

What do you mean should? Bionicle was setting trends in the fashion community seventeen years ago:



That crown combined with a pair of these bad boys would be unstoppable. 

Also for just a split second I thought that was a real cub lol.

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"Should" meaning "Is it a good thing?", wasn't intending to imply it wasn't a thing. :happy:

Whoa, I wasn't aware of the existence of this impressive footwear. I imagine the Rahkshi-style could also be made into an elegant, lace-up sandal.


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