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Be The Main Character Of An Epic!

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Hello, all! Eternal Darkness is finished, the battled against Makuta Takatu finally over. But what about what happened before? Where did Schattenu come from? This calls for a preqel, detailing Brigadier General Schattenu's history when he was a Toa. I have two Toa for the team created -- Toa Schattenu and Toa Scintilla -- but I need four more for a complete team. This is where BZP members come in.


Basically, you can have your Toa character be a part of Schattenu's Toa team and be main characters in the epic. And I mean MAIN characters -- no cameo appearances in one or two chapters, no temporary allianced with central characters. Your Toa will be directly involved with the plot from beginning to end. As such, you should all read the following statement before thinking about a Toa:


Should your Toa be one of those chosen, he/she will be subject to several kinds of physical and/or mental harm. Though I promise not to kill off any of those chosen, chances are they will suffer pain and damage of all kinds, for the sake of a dramatic plot. They can suffer defeats. Regardless, I assure you that your Toa's life will be safe.


Now, here's how it works. Basically, give me a profile about a Toa. Images work best, art or MOC or whatever, but if you can't do that (like me), then give me an EXTREMELY vivid written description: armor type, shape, mask design, colors weapons, etc. Trust me, it'll help. Give them an element (please, nothing extreme, something plausible that I can work with), a mask power, weapons, personality, brief history if needed, all that. One of the four chosen to be in the epic will end up being team leader; that's right, neither Schattenu nor Scintilla are leaders, so keep that in mind.


Basically, there is currently no deadline, I'll just accept Toa until I feel like I can make final choices. My brother and I, and possibly others, will judge them when the time comes until we have a final four, which will be the rest of the Toa team in the story.


Well, that's it! If your interested, drop a comment and a Toa entry either in this blog entry's comments or PM me! Feel free to ask any questions, as well. Good luck to all! Hopefully it'll end up being fun for everyone. :)

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Recommended Comments

Sounds great, I'd love to be a character. I'm horrible at writing bio's, so I'll make MoC. Does it need a name? I'm horrible at those, too.


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Yeah, this is the bare minimum I need: appearance, name, element, mask, weapon(s), personality. You can add any other things to their bio if you want, like a brief history or where they come from, but it's not needed. Can't wait to see it! :)

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Lame-tastic image


Name: Dokuma

Mask: Rua Nuva

Element: Destiny Fulfillment... now keep in mind, that isn't some insane deus ex machina thing... in fact, basic application would be no more powerful than a Calix... basically, if my "destiny" (in this instance, what WILL happen, not what should, unlike what destiny in Bionicle usually is) is to go out and dig a hole in the backyard tomorrow, the power could probably dig that hole right now. Other than small, simple situations like that, most other uses are released in raw energy... Dokuma also has sort of a link to Wairuha (I have a very well-thought-out reason for this... let me know if you need it), he can release small amounts of Ice/Water/Air energy

Weapons: Dual Staffs of Destiny... similar in appearance Aqua Warblade/Lifeblade (Hewkii Mahri/Ignika/Maxilos' weapons), or its sprite form here. Dokuma can throw these in boomerang-like fashion, or attach them his feet sorta like Kopaka Nuva's skis

Appearance: Mata green primary, Metru blue secondary, Ehrye/Nuju/Suukorak cyan-colored eyes

Personality: Strongly driven by principles... refused to compromise the truth no matter what the cost... loves his friends and fights for them... intelligent... a bit headstrong at times, however.



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Name: Dalek

Armor Type: Nuva/Inika Mix

Shape: Inika

Mask Design: Miru Olda

Weapon: Turahk type staff with only one end, hatchets, smoke sword

Colors: Black mask, arms, legs, and armor, with red hands, body, and feet

Element: Smoke/Fire

Mask Power: Levitation

Personality: Readily Accepts suggestions on ways to make any of his plans better, easy to get along with, cheerful except when forced to kill. Prefers to let enemies live, leaving them with a flame shaped scar

Brief History: Little is known of his past, as Dalek readily changes the subject at the mere hint of someone asking. It is, however, known that something happened in the past that left him normally a wanderer, battling the dark with a vengence hardly ever seen. Some believe he is searching for someone, but he refuses to say.

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Oh yes, also forgot to mention--I do have a history for my character (extremely well-planned out epic material, but I like the plot so much I'll probably refrain from posting it and instead adapt it to non-Bionicle characters so I can legally have rights to it), so if you need to know any of that stuff, PM me. =D

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Well, I'd hate to ruin the surprise should I ever end up picking up your book down the road. ;)


I'm actually surprised; these Toa characters are coming in way faster than I thought they would be. Can't wait to see them all.

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If you don't get enough submissions, shoot me a PM.


Oh, and by the way the Crazy Woman in Silent Hill was Dahlia.



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Remember in Iron Man where Tony Stark said he clearly wasn't the hero type? Well, the same goes for Cederak in terms of Toa. :lol:



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Oh dear... I'm terrible at naming. I could get you everything else about him (appearance, mask etc.) as I have a currently useless Toa of Energy sitting around right now, but the name is another problem entirely. Can you make one up and I skip that part? Otherwise it'll be something like an anagram of some Norse name... But I can try.

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Name: Sazen


Mask Power: Stealth


Element: Magnetism, very limited Shadow (see descrption).


Weapons: Carries throwing knives, but prefers to just use his powers.


Physical Description: Sleeker version of Inika armor, mostly black all over, with neon blue streaks randomly placed on his armor, gray mask.


Bio: As a Matoran, Sazen was once a espionage agent of a high ranking Makuta, during which time he was taught to tap his inner Shadow energy to use certain powers, though he avoided doing it then and still does.


For reasons he keeps to himself, he left.


As a Toa, he tries his best to do the right thing, but the use of Shadow powers as a Matoran has left its mark. As result, he has an unpredictable temper. This drives him harder to be a good fighter and good person.


Sazen likes to be in charge, but he'll obey a another if he belives that leader is a better commander than him.


Also, I don't really care if you kill Sazen, as long as he goes out with a bang. :P

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I could hand you one of my spare Toa that I've got hanging around. She's got no place for me to really put her, but I think she deserves some life. Perhaps you may provide her with one as awesome as she deserves.




Name: Nuhala


Sex: Female


Element: Stone, and quite happy with that, thank you very much.


Mask: An Iden carved in the shape of a Kaukau, in honor of a great hero from her homeland. (Feel free to make up who this is, if it ever should come up.)


Weapon: She wields a gruesome looking morningstar in one hand, and a bronze Roman legionnaire-esque tower shield in the other.


Physical Description: Nuhala is tall, muscular, yet still feminine, with armor of brilliant bronze. Her primary color is a dark rusty brown, with her secondary color being a slightly lighter and less red brown.


Jobs: Before becoming a Toa, she was a surveyor, who would chart out land before it was developed. This geographic background, along with her mask's power, generally leads her to function as the group's scout.


History: Before receiving the call to fulfill her destiny as a Toa, Nuhala was a surveyor and explorer, finding and charting out lands for her village/city/company (I’m thinking company, if you have such companies). Her particular pride is in finding one of the most fertile deposits of raw protodermis in the area, providing raw materials for years to come.

She usually worked completely alone. Working in a team is something that she needed a lot of time to get used to as a Toa.

Nothing particularly dark or mysterious, and if anyone asks, she’ll just give a one sentence description of what she did. No huge secrets, though if it would fit in, she could’ve discovered, at one point, some absolutely dreadful thing that she has never told anyone about, that comes over and back to haunt her. Since she’s bound to have found some crazy things back in her time.


Personality: She is taciturn for the most part, though stubborn and headstrong when she must be. She thinks little of those who do not take her seriously because of her gender, and will usually blatantly ignore people she does not like.

She rarely speaks, less out of anti-social tendencies or a dislike of people than out of a belief that if she does not have anything useful to say, she would rather not say it. Whenever she does speak, she is insightful, if a little blunt.

She likes small cute Rahi a little more than is reasonable, and definitely more than you would expect from someone who seems as serious as she does. Perhaps that is her soft side, since otherwise, she doesn't seem to have one.



And yeah, I'm aware that Toa of Stone aren't supposed to be chicks. I don't care much. She could probably change her element or become a guy, but whatever. She's basically yours to do with as you please.

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..Since my camera is nutty, I'll just go with description.



Name: Toa Kirak


Mask appearance: the same as yours, ironically; a flipped black Kraahkan.

Mask Power: Awareness- the user can be intensely aware of their surroundings for short periods of time; however, this requires large amounts of energy.


Element: Kinetics (Can control some kinetic forces, such as striking an object)


Tools: None, except for claws.


Gender: Male.


Personality: Brains, not brawn. A bit shy in front of newcomers. Prefers words to fighting but will fight when the need exists.


Description, bottom up:

Purple Metru-styled feet connected to thick black lower legs with a splash of yellow in the middle; thin bands of thigh armor are yellow on top of black thighs. Rather thick for a Toa. Hips are lack and slightly triangular; with a purple utility belt encircling the waist. Tow yellow bandoliers reach upwards into a black piece of Nuva chest armor; on the back of the belt, two purple tubes run up, over his shoulders, and into the upper slits of his chest armor. Heartlight is silver. Upper arms have black Metru armor while lower arms are yellow and black with smooth tile armor. Hands are black with four fingers; left hand is mechanical, with four fingers, two on each side.


I might get a picture up tomorrow if I can get some decent light.


By the way, go ahead and kill him if you want- it might be interesting to have him go boom. I'd actually kind of like it.


Edit: Picture up; click it as it looks terrible resized.



Sorry for bad quality.

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Name: Kar Kal
Element: Sonics
Mask: Kanohi Tarul, The Mask of Vibrations. Can sense and amplify Vibrations in the air, ground, etc. Helps with Sound based attacks and echolocation.
Weapons: Sonic Axe (as in guitar, not an axe)
Personality: Protective, quick to act, relaxed, rational (sometimes), talkative. He loves to hear new sounds, adventuring, and is curious (but not too curious).


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Well, my element is Crystal Protodermis. It's the stuff The Shadowed One fires from his staff. Is that okay?



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alrighty then... if custom elements aren't allowed ya' can change em around!


- - - -

name: Zahilux

gender: Male

element: formerly ice, now mind (if non-custom element ice still)

weapon: Large cleaver

mask: Polix- mask of dillusions (or if non-custom mask a mahiki)



powers: use of mask allows the user to cause a mental breakdown of his/her opponent, causing a range of temporary mental problems ranging from hallucinagins of horrible monsters... all the way to multi-personality issues, the only two down-sides to the mask is that it can harm the user, and the user has no control on what will hapen to the target and how much force it will recieve. His cleaver is rarely effected by his elemental power, but it helps in the intimidation process.

personality: Calm and cold at most times... brief cracks of rage and insanity.

Bio: Zahilux strikes fear into both his opponents and friends. His personality traits would make you think he's crazy... but keeping his problems inside is something he's an even greater expert at that butchering a meal. Mostly remembered for the few acts of blind rage rather than his heroism, Zahilux is most noted for his relentless chopping of a large carnivorous plant which he says "Just wouldn't stop hissing and bleeding all over my new armor!". A good person for a toa team, but not a good choice to look after your children.


- - - -


yeah, who doesn't want a toa who could snap if pushed over the edge by a smart-mouthed (all of them) makuta?

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Name: Sylea (sigh-LEE).

Gender: Female (just for the heck of it :P ).

Element: Ice.

Mask: Kakama Olda. Mask of speed.

Weapon(s): Ice staff. It's basically just a long, crystal-blue stick with a Mahritoran knife on the end.

Appearance: Nuva armor. White mask. White as primary color, dark blue and secondary color, with silver armor.


-- Sylea thinks she's "all that". She is very proud in her abilities, even when she fails she insists it wasn't her fault, because she thinks she too good to fail.

-- She prefers to keep to herself.

-- She practices daily with her ice staff.

-- She tends to get angry at the drop of a hat, and sometimes refuses to see other people's points of view.

-- Her more redeemable qualities are that she would never let anything happen to any of her Toa members, even if outwardly she thinks little of them. Also she has a secret crush with one of her Toa members, but she'll never tell him that (heh, this one is optional :P ).

-- She attacks with quickness (hence the Kakama), and usually only needs to strike once.

-- She is incredibly smart, and she lets you know about it.

-- And she is afraid of bugs. :P




I hope that's good. I couldn't think of a decent history for her, but I may add one later.




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Name: Ferric

Element: Magnetism

Gender: Male

Image: LINKEH.

Weapon: The claymore is there for show. He mainly attacks with his hands. However, should he require the usage of the blade, then, well, it is much quicker than it looks. This is because it is actually semi-hollow, with a network of metallic poles in the middle to maximize integrity.

Mask: Khrais, Mask of Agility. It basically gives him supah-agile reflexes. It differs from a Calix in the sense that the latter lets you perform at Olympian levels--including speed. Khrais goes beyond that.


-He hates destiny. Because he sees it as an encumbrance--nothing more than some omnipotent dictator. Or something. Unity and Duty, he's got no beef with.

-Even though he may be the same age (more or less) as the others on his team, physically, he genuinely considers himself to be more mature than the others. This manifests itself as arrogance.

-He tends to be rather blunt at times; if he thinks your plan sucks, he's not gonna mince words.

-He doesn't want half-made plans. He wants to know why it's so good.

On a positive side...

-He's actually somewhat of an artist. In his 'alone time,' he would take out a slab of metal and, using his magnetism, shape it into whatever he feels like.

-Maturity is the best thing to him. If he criticizes you, you take it, well, that's ten brownie pointz.

-He never strikes first. One reason is because he doesn't want to incite things. Another is that he wants to get a feel for his opponents.

-He is extremely skilled in the art of hand-to-hand combat, as he knows exactly where to hit. His mask only enhances his mad skillz.

-Despite what he says, he is still fiercely loyal to his team. Perhaps it is because they're all he has left...


Meh. Too lazy to do a history now.


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Name: Kivu (key-voo)

Gender: Male

Element: Air

Mask: Miru Olda, Mask of Levitation

Weapon(s): None. Prefers hand-to-hand combat, and elemental attacks.

Appearance: Tall, and lean Toa. Teal mask. His main colour is Dark Green, Secondary is Lime, and highlights, hands are teal. His armour is fairly curved and light for aerodynamics.


-- Kivu is a free, kind Toa, who's always there for those who need him.

-- He is very outgoing and tries to get along with all of the members of the team.

-- Kivu often makes jokes in order to lighten up the mood.

-- He is devoted to those close to him, though he extends his kindness to strangers who he might not even know.

-- He is a bit clumsy, and prefers to float around and climb trees.

-- Kivu loves the natural world around him, especially plants and Rahi.

-- He insists on waking up early (before the sun(s) rise(s)) every morning to meditate and usually activates his Miru while doing so. It is unknown why Kivu meditates so often, though it is inferred it is part of his culture.

-- Kivu isn't particularly bright and isn't a planner, but has a good sense of moral values.

-- He speaks in Treespeak (that'll be fun for you :P, but it's entirely optional)



I hope it's alright :)

I may update with a short history-though I actually wanted his background to be kind of mysterious.


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Name: Hyperion (Hi - peer - ee - on)


Gender: Male


Element: Crystalline Protodermis- A type of protodermis that can also be projected by the Shadowed One’s blade. This element has these attributes:


• Can shatter if exposed to sufficiently strong sonic vibrations or if smashed against a tough object with immense strength.

• Crystalline Protodermis can only be grown from areas containing soil.

• Drains elemental energy much quicker than other elements.

• Refracts light and beam-based weaponry and sends it back at its source.

• Users of this element can also manipulate it to add as extra armor.


Color: Royal Blue


Mask Power: Kanohi Humanitas- Great Mask of Culture that gives the user the ability to gain knowledge of almost any species (not of the specific being targeted but of its species ) he or she encounters.


Weapons: Crystal Tipped Lances


Appearance: Like any other Toa, Hyperion has a strong build with a lean muscular body covered in an outer protective armor. His body is ebon, while his armor is a pristine royal blue that smoothly covers him up. He carries his lances on his back, while sporting blue eyes.


Personality: To be a called Toa who is supposed to destroy all evil not matter what, Hyperion possesses incredible self control. He only shows surprise when opponents prove more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then, it does not impede him. Unlike others, he does not display a typical heroic arrogance and any brags he makes regarding his power are often fully justified. However, he does allow himself the occasional smirk or grin if his opponents match his expectations. Although Hyperion has a deep hatred for those who hurt others for the wrong reasons, he does not show any enjoyment of violence or combat. He instead prefers to avoid battle or, if he could not, end it as quickly as he can while exerting as little effort as possible. He also shows a great sense of humor at times and usually smiles and laughs.


Hyperion considers the bond between teammates and others to be the strongest connection one can have and will do what it takes to make sure they are safe at all times. He can be quite respectful, particularly to the fallen of both his own teammates and enemies alike. Hyperion highly values teamwork.


History: Hyperion was warped to his current dimension by an enemy wearing an Olmak. Instead of finding a way back, he decided to stay and help his new home.



The mask power isn't cannon.


Tell me if I need to make changes or add more.



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Judging, basically, and I'll announce which four will be picked at some point. I'm loving some of these Toa, though, so it's gonna be a tough choice.

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Name: Rothe

Gender: Male

Element: Air

Mask: Mask of Evanesce, allows him to fade and reappear in air at will. Allows him to fade through objects.

Weapon: A staff he likes to swing like a pendulum. The tip of the staff is strong enough to rip through protosteel.

Appearance: Tall and scrawny, but strong enougn to lift his staff; which is twice as much as he weighs. His primary color is dark green and his armor is silver.

Personality:: He has a strange one:

  • He thinks all rahi are his pets; except one, in which he left paralyzed
  • Hardworking and carefree
  • Loves to go on adventures
  • Hates people who don't enjoy their time
  • Hates the cold; He thinks walking in Ko-koro is like letting Karzahni 'fix' you
History: One day, Rothe saw a matoran being attacked by a rahi. The strange beast attacked him. Rothe defende himself as much as he could, but it lashed his eye out. He paralyzed it, except its eyes, which he took one to replace the one it had cut out.

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