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The Emoticon Game

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Okay, here's how it goes. You take two or more emoticons and combine them into a new emoticon. You can post as many times as you like, provided that you do not double-post.


For example:


:bigeek: + :alien: + :angry: = I'm scared of the angry alien!


:wakeup2: + :tohu: = Tohu in the morning.


-< :s: >-



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Recommended Comments

:smilemaku: :smilehuki: :lovesign:



Must I explain the above? I don't think so.


You don't. -Sumiki Well, I'm glad I don't. -Overlord


~:silver: :m_o: :silver:~

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:hau: :wub: :kaukau:


as well as


:tohu: :angry: :baaa: :bzp:


The first one I don't believe needs explaining, the second one means that Hapori Tohu is angry at the sheep who think BZP rule.




~:silver: :m_o: :silver:~

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:smiletahunu: :angry: :burnmad: :smilepohatunu: :talk2hand: = Tahu got mad at Pohatu so he tried to burn him, but Pohatu blocked it with his massive hands.

Note that these are in Mata Form


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