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  1. Chapter 2: The place of Shadow There was a knock at the door. GaliGee stood up from her computer and went over to answer it. Before opening it, she hesitated. She still felt faintly paranoid of the egotistical villain who had abducted her so many times before. Makuta Teridax had tried time and time before to take her prisoner and convince her that he was madly in love with her. Of course GaliGee knew it wasn’t true. He was simply looking for free publicity on BZPower. During the course of her kidnappings, she had met many strange and frightening beings, although she did occasionally find an ally such as Krahka. Makuta hadn't bothered her in a while, but it never hurt to be safe. She looked through the peephole. Something was blocking the light, indicating that whatever was out there was huge. She sighed. It must have been Teridax. After a few years of leaving her alone, he was finally back. She swung open the door, preparing herself for whatever he was going to do. But she wasn't prepared for what stood outside. No one could ever be prepared for what she saw when she looked outside. She screamed. It wasn't Teridax. It was much, much, worse. The thing that stood on her porch was impossibly huge, larger than Teridax had ever been. It gave off an unbearable odor; a sickening stench of death. It was broad and muscular, covered in spiked, rusted green and gray armor. Its legs were digitigrade like that of an animal, and rather than feet the being had two massive cloven hooves. Two powerful arms came out of its hunched shoulders. Worst of all was its horned head. Its patchwork mask appeared to be made of several different Kanohi. Part of it was grey and skull-like, while the rest of it was green and covered in strange, ancient markings. The mouth was stuck in a demented smile in which countless, yellowed, crooked teeth sat. The being gazed down at GaliGee with hollow eyes. They glowered and flickered like coals."Good evening," he said in a voice that was rather quiet and reserved for a being of his appearance, "I have come to collect my due." GaliGee could only stare in horror as the being wrapped a clawed hand around her wrist. His greasy digits had a grasp like iron. As he drew her closer she felt an unbearable heat radiating from his massive body. GaliGee could actually feel his claws burning her arm. Before she could even comprehend what was going on, there was a flash of light. In an instant every thing around them changed.They were no longer on her porch, or even in her neighborhood. GaliGee was horrified at what she saw. As far as she could see, the land around her was nothing but a desolate, rocky wasteland that sat inside an enormous cavern. The sheer size of it amazed and intimidated the Toa. It seemed impossibly huge; the distance to the ceiling had to be at least a mile high. The putrid stench of decay hung in the air, and mixed with the harsh smell of sulfur. Smoke and ash blurred her vision. Occasional streaks of lightning soundlessly made their way through the air. Scattered throughout the landscape were what appeared to be crumbling statues of Matoran perched on large rocks or sitting on the dusty ground. There was no sun; the only source of light was the reddish haze created by gurgling lava and pits of crackling fire, casting the land in a permanent twilight."Welcome home," said the massive captor as he held out a clawed hand before them. GaliGee suddenly noticed the massive fortress that towered before them. It was constructed out of massive stone blocks the size of small houses. The material it was made from was some sort of jet-black marble. The structure resembled a gothic castle gone wrong. The architect must have been undoubtedly mad, for it seemed that it the castle was completely asymmetrical. Numerous towers pointed upwards like spears thrust at the heavens. Nearly ever inch of the fortress was covered in monstrous carvings of monstrous creatures, sculpted with such detail that one wondered if they were actually alive. They glared down at her with lifeless eyes that somehow conveyed a feeling of an unfathomable evil. GaliGee averted her own eyes from their stony gaze. Her captor opened the door with his free hand. The gargantuan door swung loudly on iron hinges. The noise was low and ominous, filling GaliGee with dread. Behind it lay a long corridor. It looked as though it was once magnificent, but seemed ancient and decayed, with dust covering everything. The inside of the castle was poorly lit by rows of weakly-burning torches. Nevertheless, GaliGee could see through the wavering shadows that the interior of the building was just as ornately decorated as the exterior was. The walls were covered in three-dimensional murals of hideous beasts, some of which GaliGee recognized. There were Visorak and Manas, and she thought she saw a carving of a Nivawk. But most were unidentified creatures that had their faces drawn in monstrous sneers. "You can thank Ahkmou for the magnificent artisanship," the being said with an almost affectionate tone, "He's the chief carver of Karzahni." The moment the word left his fanged mouth, everything made sense to GaliGee. She looked up at her captor. His strange, hideous appearance suddenly became familiar to her. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed it before. The Toa stared at the creature’s legendary mask. There was no mistaking its patchwork appearance. The being before her was none other than Karzahni, ruler of his own horrific realm; the caretaker of the abandoned and the wretched."What do you want from me?" she whispered quietly. The being slowly looked over his hunched shoulders. He smiled, exposing dozens of mismatched teeth. Despite his hideous appearance, there was something about his mannerisms that seemed regal; in a way that was not unlike Teridax. But there was something else, something far darker than the Makuta’s façade of politeness. "I require nothing. You see, little one, I have been trying to think of a way to extract vengeance from Makuta Teridax. Once I found out of your existence and his infatuation with you, I decided that the best revenge would be to deprive him of a being whom he simply adores.” GaliGee shuddered as he finished the sentence. There was something about the way he said ‘adores’ that put a chill in her veins."Now what shall I do with a powerless Toa?" Karzahni said to himself as he led the distraught GaliGee down a maze of corridors and doorways. Vermin skittered about the dank hallways, carrying bits of unidentifiable filth in their jaws. At last they emerged in a gigantic dining hall lit by a roaring fireplace. Inside of the room was a long table that was surrounded by dirty, misshapen Matoran. They had twisted, broken, bodies and armor that was rust-covered and flaking. They sat at several benches and were kept to their seats by the means of rusted shackles. As Karzahni led his captive into the room, GaliGee noticed the odor of burnt meat and smoke that hung in the air. As she sat down on the bench, she gazed out at the table before her. It was set with primitive utensils made from the bones of what GaliGee hoped were Rahi. A burnt Rahi corpse was slowly being cooked over the fireplace on a rotisserie. GaliGee squinted at it and tried to determine what it had been, but was unable to.At the back of the room was an enormous stone throne decorated with bones and rusted metal. Two other beings were in the room as well. Not too far away stood a bizarre Skakdi. He wore silver and black armor that had become grimy and dirt-streaked. A ragged cape hung from his narrow shoulders. He appeared to be deformed, for he had no head-spine to speak of. A rusted chain was fastened around his ankles. Despite this, he was the only person in the room with a grin on his face. His teeth were large and pearly; the kind of teeth that belong to a vicious animal. The last being GaliGee saw made her gasp. A beautiful Vortixx was curled up in the corner. Her cold sapphire eyes peered out at the world with a mixture of loathing and fear. There was a weary, almost beaten look about her face. At first GaliGee thought the voluptuous creature was wearing a golden necklace. It was as beautiful as the Vortixx herself. Illustrious patterns had been hammered around the large gems that encrusted it. But then GaliGee noticed the golden chain that was affixed to the back of the collar. It ended at the throne, where it was attached by the means of an ancient lock. GaliGee knew who this unfortunate being was. There was no mistaking that contemptuous leer. She had encountered her several times before."Master, we were just awaiting your triumphant return," said the Skakdi. His voice surprised GaliGee. Unlike the Skakdi she had heard before, this one seemed to have a lyrical, sing-song voice as opposed to a course, gruff one. She looked into his crimson eyes. They twinkled with madness."It is joyous to be back," Karzahni said. He turned to GaliGee. "Allow me to introduce you to my servants.” He pointed a clawed finger at the Skakdi. “This is Vezon." The Skakdi slid over to the Toa and bowed politely."Madam, I am entirely delighted to meet you," he said enthusiastically as he shook GaliGee's hand, “It is not often we have Toa for dinner.” GaliGee was unable to tell if he was glad she was simply attending the meal, or if he actually thought they were going to eat her. Either way, she was greatly disturbed by the Skakdi. GaliGee looked at the Vortixx in the corner, who was for the first time noticing the Toa's presence. Her face was contorted in an expression of disbelief and hatred. Galigee could feel the cold hatred emanating from the iridescent eyes of the Vortixx, which just for a moment flashed red."This lovely flower over here is Roodaka. I know you two have met before," Karzahni said as he turned to the miserable Vortixx, "Roodaka, please greet our guest." Roodaka turned away from him. Karzahni's eyes narrowed. Galigee cringed slightly. There was something in those eyes that indicated that something horrible was about to happen. GaliGee felt the air around in the room become unbearably hot. Karzahni's spiked gauntlets suddenly shrieked and crackled with energy. His mask glowed menacingly.Roodaka's eyes went out of focus. They seemed to be looking at something that wasn't there, as if she was somewhere else entirely. Her expression turned to one of absolute horror as her body contorted as though to protect itself. A series of agonized screams escaped from her lips. GaliGee stepped back. She had never the Vortixx truly frightened before. It almost seemed unnatural. All the times she had meet Roodaka, the Vortixx was always a cold, collected villainess who never lost her cool. Galigee looked up at Karzahni. The tyrant watched Roodaka writhe on the floor with a satisfied grin on his face. He was a monster; worse than anything GaliGee had ever seen. Fortunately the horrible process stopped almost as soon as it started. The voluptuous Vortixx snapped back into reality. She looked up at Karzahni with terrified eyes that bordered on the edge of madness. The tyrant's face twisted into a look of disappointment."Are you going to greet our guest, or shall I show you what would have happened if the Zivon rebelled?" Roodaka glared at him and looked over at the Toa of water."Hello," she muttered. Karzahni patted her head and sat down in his throne. GaliGee reluctantly sat down on the bench closest to him. Although she was finally calming down after the terrifying episode, her heart was still racing."You'll have to forgive Roodaka," Karzahni said almost apologetically, "She's only been here for but a few month’s time. But I have a place for all of my subjects. For example, have you ever heard of a Matoran named Vultraz?" GaliGee nodded. She had read the online serial Brothers in Arms."Well, shortly after he arrived in Karzahni, I assigned him the task of designing new and inventive weapons. He finds his job very agreeable." Karzahni paused to take a drink out of his goblet, which was fashioned out of a Toa's skull. GaliGee tried not to look at it. "And what of you? Have you any special talents?" GaliGee thought about this. If she was going to be trapped in the worst place in recorded Matoran history, she may as well comply with her captor for the time being."I can write," she said earnestly. Karzahni's hideous face lit up."Ah yes, now I recall. You tried to write that biography for the tin-covered tyrant Teridax. I can't imagine how horrible it must have been to be around that ignoramus and his invertebrate spawn.""It wasn't all that bad. The Rahkshi are actually quite pleasant once you get to know them." GaliGee couldn't believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. But compared to Karzahni, Teridax and his forty-two children were like the Brady Bunch."I understand you live in the human world," Karzahni continued, "I have only been there a handful of times. What is it like to be surrounded by a mindless horde of fleshlings?" GaliGee frowned. She had lived all of her life around humans; so much to the point that she often forgot she was a Toa. To find out that Karzahni regarded them so lowly angered her a little."They're not mindless. They're just like us, only-""Different," finished Karzahni, "I've heard it all before. They measure their lifespan in decades. How can they accomplish anything with only an estimated eighty years to live?"“Supper’s ready,” Vezon called. Everyone looked to see him take the Rahi from the fireplace and remove the spit from the carcass. Karzahni watched as Vezon set the Rahi carcass on the table. Everyone tore into it hungrily. They hacked at it with crooked knives and stripped flesh from bone with tarnished forks. They even gnawed on the mechanical parts. Vezon dropped a charred hunk on GaliGee's plate. She stared at it and tried to hide her disgust. Unfortunately, Karzahni could sense her repulsion."I know you're not acquainted to such cuisine, but do try to eat. You won't be getting much else." GaliGee glanced nervously at the mess on her plate. The malformed Matoran next to her stared at it with a blank expression on his rusted mask, not moving a muscle. His weakly glowing red eyes gazed at the plate intently, offering no emotion whatsoever. It was a very disturbing and awkward moment. Slowly, GaliGee pushed the platter over to the demented creature. He immediately shoved his head onto the plate and tore into the blackened meat. GaliGee shrank backwards."Suit yourself," Karzahni muttered as he bit into his share of the beast. GaliGee sat back and observed the scene around her. It was like a twisted image of a medieval king's court; A mad tyrant surrounded by equally demented subjects. Vezon sat near Karzahni cracking jokes as he ate, while the Matoran muttered amongst themselves. Roodaka had curled up back in her corner and was chewing on a small portion of the Rahi. Despite all the Vortixx had put her through, Galigee couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for Roodaka. It was sad really. What was once a mighty ruler of the Visorak was now reduced to sitting on the floor and eating table scraps.“You’ll never see a more miserable creature than she,” Vezon whispered. GaliGee turned to look at he Skakdi, who was also glancing at Roodaka. “I’ve tried to make her happy, but she never wants to laugh.”“I don’t expect she would want to,” responded GaliGee, “Being chained to Karzahni’s throne.”“True,” said Vezon, “But I’ll make her laugh yet. Tell me, you’ve known her for a while. Does anything amuse her?” GaliGee could think of several things that amused Roodaka. Most of them were not pleasant.“She enjoys watching other suffer,” the Toa answered truthfully, “And being in charge.” Vezon looked confused.“There’s suffering all around her,” he said, “Everywhere you look around here people are suffering. She should be the merriest person here if that were true. But I’m the same way, you know. Anything awful makes me laugh. I misbehaved once at a funeral.” GaliGee was beginning to wonder why Vezon was talking to her.“Why do you want to make her laugh so badly?” she asked, not sure if she really wanted to know the answer. Vezon smiled broadly.“Because I intend to woo her and someday marry her,” said Vezon, as he looked at the Vortixx with wistful admiration, “She moves a goddess and she looks a queen.” GaliGee didn't know whether to find it humorous or incredibly disturbing that the Skakdi liked Roodaka. She wondered if she should be concerned; those who fell for the Vortixx usually met an untimely and painful end.“You do know she killed Sidorak, don’t you?” the Toa asked, apprehensively. Vezon merely shrugged, and said in a singsong voice,“If to her share some female errors fall,Look at her face, you’ll forget ‘em all.” GaliGee decided it was best to terminate the conversation before it became anymore awkward.“Well, it was nice talking to you,” she said.After supper was ended, Vezon led the Matoran out of the room. The only noise that could be heard was the loud crackling of the fireplace. Karzahni looked at his captive with mild interest. He noticed the nervous glances she made at Roodaka. His grin widened."Don't fret about her. She'll behave if she knows what's good for her." GaliGee wasn't worried about Roodaka hurting her, but more mystified as to how the Vortixx ended up in this place. As far as she knew, Roodaka was still alive in the storyline. The same thought applied to Vezon."May I ask you something?" the Toa said nervously. Karzahni nodded his hideous head. "How is it that Roodaka and Vezon can be here?" The tyrant chuckled."I was wondering when you'd inquire about that. After reading your stories, I discovered that you knew of her potions. You recall the ones that caused anyone she wanted to listen to her?" GaliGee remembered the small laboratory in the coliseum and shuddered as thought of the enslaving mixtures that had been created there. "During the recreation of the storyline, she struck up a bargain for the recipe of said potions. She'd heard about them in Matoran legends and spent years tracking them down. I made a deal that I would lend her the recipe. I was feeling particularly generous that day, so I told her that if she succeeded in her nefarious mission and change history, I'd let her off scott-free. But as you can see, she failed." The maniacal ruler laughed harshly as he truculently yanked on Roodaka's chain. A cry of pain escaped from the Vortixx’s throat. GaliGee pitied the miserable creature."As for Vezon, he came on his own accord." This comment surprised GaliGee."He wanted to work for you?" she asked incredulously. However, moments after she spoke she realized that the only one demented enough to actually want to work for Karzahni would be Vezon."He came because he was lonely. Did you know Lego sent most of their villains here as soon as they outlived their usefulness?""Indeed they did," interrupted the Skakdi, "Nearly everyone was here by the time I joined." Karzahni’s face suddenly darkened.“Almost everyone,” he rumbled, “Except for your admirer.” GaliGee felt the hatred flowing from the tyrant, and once more fear crept into her heart.“You know that I don’t really love him, don’t you?”“Of course,” grunted Karzahni as he took a long gulp from his horrific chalice, “Nobody in the right mind would even consider him a friend.” He glanced back over at GaliGee. “Which reminds me, be careful not to alert Gorast of your presence.” GaliGee’s eyes suddenly went wide.“Gorast is here?”“I’ve already told you,” said the tyrant as set his empty cup back on the table, “Everyone’s here. Even those imbecilic minions of Teridax’s. Most of the time I’m able to keep them in line, but that overzealous battleaxe Gorast poses a problem from time to time.” The giant stood up, and the room was filled with his twisted shadow. "Wyrm will show you to your room."At that moment, a small, twisted Matoran hobbled into the room. His limbs were like sticks and his torso was hunched over. His Huna and armor were completely rust-covered, making it impossible to determine what kind of Matoran he was. His eyes glowed a dull orange and held a defeated, weary look to them."Follow me," he said in a raspy voice. He took GaliGee by the hand. His grasp was weak and greasy. GaliGee felt rust flake off from his fingers. He took her out of the room and down the hallway. They went through several twists and turns, until at last they reached their destination. A small, dungeon-like room with a makeshift bed in the corner. The blankets were moth-eaten and threadbare, and the mattress was merely a hay-filled sack. GaliGee reluctantly stepped inside. The iron door creaked shut behind her. She sighed as she heard the click of the lock. Then, a new sound filled her ears. It surprised her at first, but she recognized it as a pipe organ. Someone was playing Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor. The song echoed through the halls of the fortress in a frightening manner. GaliGee somehow knew it was Karzahni playing the loud and powerful instrument. The darkly brilliant tune seemed to match the being who skillfully played it. He was exceptionally talented, she would have to admit. GaliGee thought about her predicament. She had been captured by a maniacal tyrant who was actually worse than Teridax. Not only was he completely insane, but he had an entire realm at his disposal. He already had what Teridax had always wanted. A world to call his own.As the song continued, GaliGee began to compare the two villains. Both were evil, there was no doubt about that. But there was something more sinister about Karzahni. Teridax seemed to be somewhat more of a dictator; cold with deadly efficiently. Karzahni had the same ambitious personality, but there was a difference. He was obviously learned, but he seemed to be a throwback to a medieval world where the one who wanted to be ruler had to fight for it. True, Teridax could be terrifying, but there was something almost archaically mortifying about Karzahni’s persona. GaliGee laid down in her bed, and tried to think of other things. The music remained with her until she drifted off into a deep sleep.http://www.bzpower.c...084#entry147059
  2. Hello. This is the review for Realm of Darkness, something I've been working on for a while. Despite getting off to a rocky start, (Mainly posting it in the wrong forum) I hope that it entertains you.http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=3082
  3. Chapter 1: Dues to Collect Roodaka leaned on the railing and watched the sunset from her balcony. Rather than the satisfied smile she usually wore as she looked out over her city, her face was drawn into a troubled frown. She was worried, and it took a lot to worry the Vortixx. Roodaka stood up from the railing and went back into her mansion. Her hands trembled slightly as they locked the double doors.Roodaka looked over at the clock on the wall. It was only minutes away from six. Years ago she had made a deal exactly at 6:00, a deal she was now regretting. She had been so close to fulfilling her end of the bargain, but that nasty little writer had ruined it. The Vortixx’s face made a disgusted frown as she thought of the blue being that had robbed her of Teridax, thus stealing her only chance for ultimate power. She would have ruled Metru-Nui by now if it hadn't been for the meddling half-Toa. But now it was too late. There was nothing that could be done, nothing that she could do. Roodaka glanced nervously at the clock. It was only three minutes until the hour was up. She briskly trotted over to the doorway and locked her door, though she knew it wouldn’t stop what was coming. Roodaka turned and looked back at her room. It was a very elaborate set-up; white marble stone combined with Victorian furniture. A dying fire lay in the fire-place. She tried to avoid looking at it. It reminded her of the place she was supposed to be going. The Vortixx paced nervously, trying to think of a way to mend her broken bargain. She thought it through for a full minute, but every possibility ended with her being taken away. Her thoughts were cut short when the clock struck six. For the first time in years, Roodaka felt fear creep down her spine. Suddenly, a blazing red fire erupted in the chimney. Roodaka jumped at the noise, which sounded like something was ripping the fabric of space and time. The fire flickered as thick, black smoke drifted out of the fireplace. Along with it came wispy, shadow-like beings. They drifted along with the smoke, staring at the terrified Vortixx with glowing red eyes. They were shaped like mutilated, deformed Matoran. The creatures swirled around her, cackling with wicked glee. Roodaka struck out at one, but her dainty clawed hand merely passed through it. She felt four dusty hands grasp her arms. She looked to the left to see a skull-like head looking back at her."Evening Ma'am," the creature said as he tipped a sooty top-hat, “Just came to collect the master's due." Roodaka cried out and tried to free herself. Several more of the beings wrapped their black claws around the Vortixx. The creatures cackled evilly as they pushed her over onto the floor. They started dragging her to the fireplace, which was glowing hotter than ever. The Vortixx could see two eyes and a twisted grin in the flames. At that moment, a horrible, ugly voice rang throughout the room"Time's up, Roodaka." The Vortixx screamed as she was dragged into the fire, and pulled into some terrible place beyond imagination. A deafening laugh filled the air. Seconds later the inferno disappeared, leaving no trace of Roodaka. Melancholy music drifted throughout the halls of the frightening fortress. The song was gloomy and dark, and it enhanced the already depressing atmosphere. The tune was slow and simple, although it was obvious the musician held great talent. Deep in the bowels of the castle was the room from which the melody emanated. It was large, poorly lit, and smelled of fire and brimstone. It was there the master sat hunched over the keyboard of an enormous pipe organ. The instrument was old and covered in cobwebs, but the sound was clear and strong. The clawed fingers of the being wearily pounded at the keys. The master sighed; his breath swept centuries of dust from the keyboard. The song ended. The being rested his massive head on the organ. His pointed ears suddenly twitched as they heard a knock at the heavy metal door that blocked the world from the room. The being rose from his seat; his joints creaked and groaned as if they hadn't moved in ages. His heavy hooves clanked noisily against the cobblestone floor. The entire room seemed to shake as he walked toward the door. He grasped the handle and pulled. The rusted hinges shrieked as the door opened. There stood a tiny, decrepit Matoran. He was skeletal and frail looking, and his armor was corroded and pitted. He looked up at the creature before him with tired, weary eyes."M-master K-karzahni," he stammered, "I have news." Karzahni looked down at him with a dull, uninterested look on his patchwork mask. One would never have guessed the genius that lay behind his animalistic exterior."What is it?" asked the demonic being. His voice was deep and hoarse, like the whisper of a giant. At the same time it was crestfallen and defeated. The Matoran nervously cleared his throat."It concerns Makuta Teridax." The moment the words left the Matoran's mouth, Karzahni's mask contorted in rage. He emitted a palpable aura of hate and anger, the very air around him seemed to become superheated. The Matoran drew back in fear."Is it good news or bad news?" growled the infuriated being. His gigantic hands balled into fists. The Matoran raised his hands in reassurance."It's good," he said quickly, "I may have found his weakness." The giant relaxed. His demeanor became calmer, although he seemed more alert than before."What is this weakness?" Karzahni said. His tone was gentle yet demanding."A Toa, one called Galigee." A puzzled look appeared on Karzahni's mask."A Toa? What are you talking about, Wyrm?" The Matoran beckoned for him to follow."Let me show you." Karzahni followed the hobbling Matoran. His hooves echoed in the dark, dank hallway. They went down many twists and turns until at last they came to a small room. It was more of a closet in terms of size. The only things the room contained were a secondhand desk, a wobbly wooden chair, and a very old and beat-up computer. Even though the machine was from the mid-nineties, it looked extremely out of place for an archaic fortress. A website was open on its cracked screen. Karzahni squinted at it, reading the tiny words. He only had a basic understanding of the machines, and preferred to steer clear of them entirely. But he knew the outside world had started putting information on them, and so assigned one of his Matoran to monitor it at all times. "What is it?" The Matoran sat at his chair and moved the tape-covered mouse."It's called BZPower. I'm pretty sure it stands for Bionicle Zone Power.” Karzahni glared at the machine."Why is this relevant?" he asked in a slightly irritated tone. The Matoran quickly clicked on a link. The computer whirred loudly as it attempted to complete the task."Be patient master, this is a very slow process." As the computer slowly brought up the page, Karzahni thought of his hated enemy. During their skirmish on Marhi Nui, Teridax had beaten him. He hadn't actually bested him in battle. The cowardly Makuta had used his power to shred his mind. But that hadn't stopped Karzahni. After a brief time in the captivity of The Order Of Mata Nui, his mind reassembled itself. He escaped and faked his own death. But he had become depressed. This was not because he had been defeated, but because he now knew that he could be defeated. Out of spite he began a demented crusade; hunting down and capturing rouges and villains that were either loose or imprisoned. The only reason the Order of Mata Nui hadn't stopped him was because he was actually doing them a favor. He spirited the wretched beings away to his homeland and attempted to torture information out of them. But not even this had given him happiness. Until this very moment he had remained in his fortress; unaware of the world around him. But with this news that Wyrm had found, perhaps he could alter his unhappy existence. All of his life he had been told that your destiny couldn't be changed. But he would soon prove that wrong."Here it is," said Wyrm. Karzahni looked at the page. It was a list of stories written by someone called "Galigee". He opened the first document and began to read. As he scanned the pages, a strange sense of victory came over him. A devilish spark returned to his eyes; one could sense the malice and wickedness that was being generated in his twisted mind. A nefarious plan was taking shape in his head. He would extract the most painful kind of revenge upon his hated enemy. His malformed mouth spread out in a hideous grin. After spending several hours reading the documents, he stood up. He laughed. It was a blood-chilling sound that made Wyrm shudder. Karzahni looked down at the slightly disturbed Matoran."I'm off to collect my due," he said with a horrifying chuckle. He snapped his fingers. His gargantuan form evaporated in dark, heavy smoke.http://www.bzpower.c...084#entry147059
  4. I was kind of wondering about this myself. But, I also wondered something.Because they are mostly mechanical, if they sustained a small but fatal injury, would it be possible to 'Fix' whatever killed them and revive them?
  5. I personally think that BZP started to die when they decided to take the forums down for six months. That alone probably prompted a lot of members to leave permanently. I first noticed this when several people in the comedies forums failed to return.And yes, I agree that without sets or story the site is probably going to decline. But there will probably always be at least a few people on here.
  6. First of all, I'd like to start getting back on here more often.As for long term goals, I would like to write at least one successful epic.
  7. I just nostalgia'd all over the place. I realized that I remembered every single one of those flashbacks. (Especially Vezon.) Excellent as usual!
  8. Shadowed One Vs. Elitha? How will this end? Will it end? And why does Antroz want smoothies? Anyway, great chapter as usual.

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  10. Huzzah! You're reviving this! And Teridax still has his Umbrella ringtone!
  11. Sorry I haven't gotten to reading this sooner, I was away for awhile. Anyway:Firelord got his voice fixed? Does he still have his austrailian accent?Also...Yay! Cameo by Witch Doctor, my favorite Hero Factory Villian!
  12. Happy birfway. I mean, Birthday. :P Hope it's a good one.

  13. (On Karzahni.)(Roodaka is on a couch, and Vezon is sitting on a chair with a pencil and notebook.)Vezon: Okay then, Shall we get started-(At that moment, a battering ram breaks through the wall of the comedy.)Roodaka: What the?(Spyder appears wearing a knight’s helmet.)Spyder: VIVA REVOLUTION!Vezon: What are you doing?Spyder: Liberating the forums! They’ve gone down a third time!Vezon: Well they’re back now.Spyder: Are you sure?Vezon: Yes.Spyder: Oh…(Turns around to rest of army behind wall.) Sorry guys! I guess we don’t need to do this.Capital One Vikings: Aaaawwww…Spyder: Okay, continue with the comedy.(He removes the battering ram and magically fixes the comedy wall.)Vezon: Okay Roodaka, let's start out with a little association game. I'll say a world and you have to say the first thing that comes into your mind.Roodaka: Fine.Vezon: Let's begin. Grindleorp.Roodaka: What?Vezon: Pareistorian.Roodaka: What does that-Vezon: ThreteidoriapRoodaka: Shut up!Vezon: Hefinoricatisan.Roodaka: SAY REAL WORDS!Vezon: Huh?Roodaka: You're supposed to say real words, you imbecile!Vezon: I am? Oh, okay. Let's try... Fire.Roodaka: Insurance fraud.Vezon: Happiness.Roodaka: Money.Vezon: Rock.Roodaka: Diamond.Vezon: Pen.Roodaka: Checkbook.Vezon: Plastic.Roodaka: Credit Card.Vezon: Marriage.Roodaka: Temporary.Vezon: Okay then, let's move on. Let's talk about your life-defining moment.Roodaka: What?Vezon: It's that little moment that all us villains have. The turning point in which we become evil. Mine was having the mask stolen by Matoro, Spiriah's was his failure on Zakaz, and Nocturn's was destroying his island.Roodaka: Why?Vezon: We want to know why you're so mean.Roodaka: I’m not mean, you imbecilic ignoramus! What gave you that idea?!Vezon: I see. Now then, let’s begin. How was your childhood?Roodaka: I had a wonderful childhood. I got every single thing I ever wanted.Vezon: Really? How about friends?Roodaka: Of course I had friends. I had plenty of friends.Vezon: Like who?Roodaka:…….. I don’t know, but I had them!Vezon: Uh-huh…Okay then.Word count: 343
  14. Waltz to the Death, by danny Elfman. (song from the 1989 Batman Movie.)
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