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  1. I miss BZPower :(

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      I miss seeing the Noobicorn roam the comic forums.

    2. JAG18


      I miss Mafia games, S&T debates, decent discussion in CoT, an active blog section, and loads of cool people (most of whom I never interacted with directly, but still found cool). 

  2. How would ya’ll feel if I started up Noobicorn Inc. again? TOTALLY revamped!!
  3. Who remembers me?

    1. FrozenFlash
    2. Zacian
    3. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      I vaguely remember a brown and blue noobicorn riding matoran with the same name, but it can't possibly be you.

  4. Not sure if I like your avatar, if I dislike it... Hmm.....

  5. making typos in comics was actually quite realistic... sometimes i accidently say "doroblel" instead of "doorbell" like lets be realistic here

  6. wait, can i say idiot yet???

  7. i will make comics again if someone pays me $59 in colld hard cash.

    1. ToaTurna


      i can do that. do you take widget?


    2. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      *gives you all the moneys*

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