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    he tried to warn us
  2. with thanks to @Vezok's Friend; a playlist named "Songs that could have been Bionicle" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvW7o41VVyAPVJDRY1GFA6CPgn54OtqOq
  3. The original Toa Mata, I think I didn't get them all at once, but I eventually did. I was like 3 at the time and I chewed up Tahu's sword. I still have it and in fact is in my Tahu rebuilt-in-Inika-build MoC
  4. huh good point, they never did get around to it
  5. IC: Sanso - Taku "I'm Sanso. Proficient in, uhh, well, I can look after myself mostly. And don't worry, I won't break anything." OOC: @BULiK IC: Prasral - Tobduk-Koro A Tahtorak!? Prasral listened silently to the automatons and the councilors as they spoke of aid. OOC: @Harvali @Toru Nui
  6. This is great! I already liked your Helryx piece but even then I can definitely see a difference in the details of shading and colouring in the newer piece.
  7. IC: Kantai - Kini-Koro "Yeah, my place is a bit outside the village proper, but it's safe enough. Safe enough from rain, anyway," Kantai commented. He hoped Sanso would be safe on that airship, but then again, he never needed much help surviving. IC: Sanso - Taku "Song selection? "Ah, yes!" Sanso took out a series of tablets and begin listing them off. "Well, there's really too much to list right now, but let me know what your Commander prefers! There's bound to be something here, from New Flow to Post-Classical Zakazian Rhythm to Symphonic Continental Revival, and even some until-recently suppressed Nuian Wind Chants, though by the looks of things, probably not what you have in mind." IC: Prasral - Tobduk-Koro Prasral was taken aback at the sudden appearance of the automatons, but the words of the councilors cleared up the situation. "I see, thank you. Does that... situation appear to be affecting the village or on a wider scale?" OOC: @Toru Nui@Harvali@BULiK
  8. IC: Krozen – Forest of Ash, approaching Elemental Ruin of Fire The forest was a lot more unsettling than he expected. At the beginning of the journey, Krozen was ready for the strong, choking taste of microscopic ash on the wind, and had prepared scraps of cloth across his nose and mouth for that. But as he ventured deeper, he was surprised by the difficulty of navigating barren trees. For one, an ashen, gnarled trunk looked roughly similar to another, and the ground was much more even than the average forested area. Worse still were the shrill moans on the wind. Krozen was not easily rattled, and understood that it was likely a trick of the wind powered by the warm lava flows and cold pressure clouds across the nearby coast, whistling through the unsual physical makeup of the Forest. Nonetheless, the cries were beginning to get under his skin. And speaking of skin, he was thankful for the Armour that bent and flexed with his organic exodermis. It shielded him from the heat that grew stronger as he navigated closer to the structure he had seen the previous day. It also prevented the disgusting bugs that landed on him from extracting his vital fluids. As he was swatting away the fifth such bug in as many minutes (Where do these things come from?), he finally found spotted a clearing ahead of him. The dirt path he had been navigating was rather nondescript and clearly untravelled, so the presence of some landmark in this featureless graveyard of trees was welcome. He was even more relieved to see the structure that he had spied from afar in the clearing as he approached. It towered above him even at this distance, and clearly segmented in layers. Its reflected bronze off its facade in the morning sun. His relief changed to disappointment as he realised this clearly ancient structure was abandoned. No other living beings to cajole or threaten. Krozen, for the first time since he had awoken on the beach, sighed aloud. IC: Prasral – Tobduk-Koro, approaching Elemental Ruin of Stone It was a day before Prasral returned to the shop where the merchant had told him about the non-existent caravan. Standing outside the locked doors, he rapped his knuckles on the door, calling into the shop. Despite repeating this for a few minutes, there was no response from within. “I’m not here to cause trouble, I just want to talk.” Silence. Prasral felt the rage inside him that had been building up begin to boil, made worse by the damnable weather. Without another word, Prasral punched the door in. The wooden door split and crashed into the shop. Prasral stepped in, ignoring the looks of passers-by and scanning the room for the merchant. And yet, only silence greeted him, stretching out even as he searched the room. There was nobody here. The merchant had left. “####.” Prasral felt the energy drain out of him as the realisation set in. He sighed and sat on the chair behind the counter, the same chair the merchant had been on when he sold Prasral his lies. Perhaps that was too harsh an assessment, but what right does a mere trader have to lie to a- He stopped himself. This was unbecoming of his duty and position. He needed to clear his head. The thought of the elemental ruins popped into his head. He was not one for meditation, especially towards Matoran scripture, but then again, these ruins did not truly fit that description. It would at least be a peaceful place for him to recite the mantras of the Maduralian gods. That settles it, then. Prasral left the shop and made his way towards the cliffside that held those ruins. As he approached, he saw that there already some residents gathered in small groups doing their thing. OOC: Open for interaction
  9. IC: Kantai - Beside Gnabol below the Taku "Huh. That is strange..." Kantai knew there was occasional drizzling or heavy mist in some areas of the hills where he had his abode, but this was unsual. "I think something's wrong." IC: Sanso - On the Taku Well, this first minute on the ship certainly was not what Sanso expected, but he couldn't say he was disappointed. He waited to follow Skyra's lead. OOC: @Toru Nui @Snelly
  10. IC: Sanso - Just inside the Taku Without a second thought, Sanso barged up the landing ramp. "Monster? Sounds great!" He tagged along with Rose and Skyra, observing what they were doing. IC: Kantai Kantai could hear the sounds of commotion from down from up on the landing pad. "They seem like they're up to something. If you want to go up the elevator now's the time." OOC: @Snelly @Tarn @Toru Nui Edited
  11. IC: Sanso and Kantai Kantai would have followed Sanso up, but he was presently occupied by the arrival of another person. Judging by Gnabol and Padley's reactions, they knew him, and hated him. He sought to defuse the situation immediately. "No, I'm just here to look at the airship. My friend just went up the elevator. I think he's looking to join up, so that would be where the, well, line is," he said. "I'm going up to see what's going on, wanna come?" Kantai finished, shooting quick glance at Gnabol. He was hopping to take this stranger off his hands with the offer. Meanwhile, Sanso was greeted by no less than three of the crew once he got on the landing pad. Either they've got good ears or I must have tripped some alarm. "Hello! I'm Sanso, chronicler and remembrancer of the D-" he stopped himself. There was no more Dawn Society to be a remembrancer of, honestly. "Well, just a traveller. I see you've gotten yourselves an airship. You wouldn't happen to have open spots, would you?" OOC: @BULiK @Snelly @Tarn @Toru Nui
  12. IC: Sanso - Just outside the Taku, on its landing pad While Kantai stayed on the ground level, Sanso took the elevator up to the Taku's landing pad. He couldn't help but marvel at the thing as he got closer. He had seen airships in his time, but the fact that one survived the Impact and was kitted out with weaponry and seemingly functional propulsion... The crew must have seen a lot, and have a lot to tell. OOC: Fixed description of Sanso's location to just outside the Taku on its landing pad. Taku crew feel free to interact!
  13. IC: Sanso and Kantai- Outskirts of Kini-Koro - Giant Friendly Crab "Maybe it's an inside joke?" "Or it grew way bigger than they expected." Sanso was already walking towards it. It appeared some of the crew were on it, and others milling about. He wanted to walk up to them, but he simply stood near it, in the middle of the pathway, marveling at the engineering of the airship. Kantai turned to thank Gnabol for leading them here. "My friend is easily impressed, despite seeing more than most," he added. OOC: @Toru Nui@BULiK@ idk who else Edit: folding in my next post into here IC: Krozen – Eastern Coast It was a couple of days since he had awakened, and Krozen realised that soon, he would have to vacate this beach. The fish were few and far between now. Perhaps they were possessed of some devious intelligence that made them aware of his presence. Perhaps the waters here were ash-poisoned and did not sustain much life. Or perhaps the Great Spirit sought to spite Krozen purely out of his ancestry from the cold land without a name. At least the Armour worked fine, Krozen thought. Its full capabilities were still out of his reach, even if he knew what they were. He had only heard of some of its supposed capabilities, but almost all of it was somehow inaccessible. It might have been damage or incompetent installation that permanently denied them to him, or a temporary state of affairs that just needed some time to fix, or to just wait. After all, the Armour seemed to have active systems that made strange sounds and moved internal components at seemingly random intervals. Unable to figure out a way to fix the Armour, Krozen had taken time between meals and scavenging data printouts from the busted stasis pod to survey his surroundings, making his way inland past leafless trees and onto mounds of dirt that gave him some elevation. From those vantage points he was able to gain some information of the land north and south along the coast. To the north lay a bay, filled with lava as if it were water. He could make out some structures along the coast of the bay, as well as several islands. Presently, he was carving a rough map of this region from the small hill he stood on, occasionally fanning away the fine ash and burnt material that wafted in the air. If there was a settlement there, they have either moved out of the lava area, or else have somehow adapted to it. Either way, they would be unlikely to be able to, or want to, render any help. He turned and looked the other direction, to the south. He had already finish sketching what he saw from this vantage point by the end of the first day, as there was nought but a forest, covered in white ash, surely the result of some disaster. The forest stretched to this beach, and the trees were seemingly all dead, yet their toughness was preserved in some sort of undeath. Krozen was about to turn back to the north when he saw a glint. No, not a glint. The unbowed king took another look, but the source of that trick of the light was far in the forest. Perhaps it was an unknowable danger lurking in that unnatural forest. Krozen gave up searching for it after a minute, turning back east and heading down to the beach that was his temporary abode. He did not even stop to consider surveying the west, its skyline dominated by an angry volcano, still very much active. Krozen knew from experience that the way it seemed to pulse with energy was extremely bad news. Or perhaps he was seeing patterns where there were none. “ this!” He reared back and swung his fist into a nearby tree. This one must have been dead, for his fist crushed the outer layer of the trunk, leaving an indent. White ash fell like noxious snow. Krozen hated this feeling. This feeling of ignorance, being out of his depth. He had gone through much adversity, but he had always felt, in some way, able to maintain a mental compass of the path he needed to take. Even in his darkest days as a slave to the Usurper… Krozen stopped when he looked at the trunk again. It appeared to be a lot more fragile than he realised. The shattered bark was but a thin layer. He reached out and peeled the cracked bark, revealing a… hole? It appeared to be some sort of natural hollow, covered with a layer of bark to disguise the opening. Krozen looked closer, and realised they were tools! He began to scoop out the unknown pieces. There was no doubt about it. At his feet lay several handfuls of… stuff. He recognised some of it as machinery, others as survival tools. With renewed energy, he began to sift through the pile, separating the clearly broken from what appeared to be usable. “Curse my luck,” he muttered, after sorting the pile out. Almost all of it were equipment and tools too degraded to be useful, merely poorly constructed, or powerless charms and unknown prayer stones. Whoever had put these items here must not have had enough time to consider the logistics of this hiding spot, as there were even perishable supplies and fragile glass ampules that were not completely useless. The only things that were somewhat useful were a utility knife, some strands of net-rope, and a broken spyglass. Krozen was able to make some use of the latter by removing the outermost cracked lens, but the spyglass was likely useless now. With a sigh, he got up and put it to his eye. To his surprise, it worked decently, giving him some telescopic vision. He observed the horizon and the northern bay, and he could make out some details that previously eluded him. Nothing that changed the utility of his simple sketch, but it was an improvement. As he scanned the horizon with his new tool, he noticed the glint again, down to the south. There was no mistake this time. He trained the spyglass on the glint and saw it: the glint came from a rounded metallic object sitting on the top of a multi-tiered structure, currently obscured by the shadow of the mountain and the forest at this distance. “Fascinating…” He put away the spyglass. The mysterious structure might imply the presence of residents, or it might be an abandoned ruin, especially given the state of the Forest. Nonetheless, it would not hurt to trek there and see if it held any supplies or residents. Surely, they would be more amenable than whoever lived in the bay of lava to the north? It was still a long shot, he concluded, returning to the beach. Whichever way he took, he had to decide soon. This beach would not sustain Krozen forever, and already he had to beat back several Rahi attacks in the past few nights. Krozen spent the rest of the day preparing a makeshift pack, containing some fish and strange nuts that would last for at least a few days. As night fell, he stored his makeshift flint, spear and other items he had fashioned for himself in the pack. Tomorrow, he would set off. He had gone through much worse. This would not, must not, break him.
  14. IC: Zekev - Fort Nektann "Yeah, same. I hope this whole discipline thing doesn't stick around too long too much," Zekev muttered, but deep down he knew, if the raid was successful, Drukharus would have the momentum needed to continue his... new style of leadership. Karz, even just being able to mobilise the Fort on a raid would probably be enough. "Say, what's your, like, specialty?" IC: Sanso and Kantai- Outskirts of Kini-Koro - Giant Friendly Crab "Into town, you say? Sure! If that's where the airship is likely to return to," Sanso said. "I can keep pace on foot, so you don't need to leave your spot," Kantai added. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Toru Nui
  15. IC: Zekev "Uh, yeah! Looks like it is!" Zekev said, surprised Krrench went up to him. He was new here, and was completely unprepared in the aspect of "finding a battle-brother" what with the malingering. Zekev stood there dumbly for a second before a neuron activated. He stuck out his hand for a handshake. OOC: @Kal the Guardian
  16. IC: Sanso and Kantai- Kini-Koro - Giant Friendly Crab "Thank you for the offer, but I already have accommodation so it's fine," Sanso said. "Skaklets, very difficult to raise, I've heard." OOC: @Toru Nui
  17. IC: Sanso and Kantai- Kini-Koro - Giant Friendly Crab Sanso thought for a moment. "It is my, well, profession, in a manner of speaking, to travel the world and learn about its cultures. It's just what my organisation does- did." Sanso stopped and looked around at the valley, so peaceful and yet positively riddled with hidden danger. "I know it seems quite absurd to retain such an outlook in the world we find ourselves in. But, hey, we all have ways of coping. Mine is to continue my task," he shrugged. Kantai was deep in thought. "For myself, I think I've come to call this place home for a while." OOC: @Toru Nui
  18. IC: Sanso and Kantai- Kini-Koro - Giant Friendly Crab "Well met. I am Kantai. My abode is in the hills, so I don't show myself around here much," Kantai said. Sanso was about to pipe up before noticing the Manas crab. "Very healthy Manas you have there!" He bent down to touch its shell. "Oh, I am actually new here," Sanso said. "I won't be staying for long, though." OOC: @Toru Nui
  19. IC: Kantai and Sanso - Kini-Koro Along the hills that ringed the valley, two figures crested stopped near an outcropping on one of the hills. One travelled light, with a walking stick in hand, a simple hat and grey robes, with the faded image of the three virtues on their cloak. This figure led the pair with a calm, sure pace. The other was garbed in colour, carrying two bags slung across both soldiers crosswise, a slight spring in their gait, thrown slightly off-balance by the many rocks of this hillside. Prominently, a half-forgotten symbol from the old world was emblazoned on the front of their clothing. The pair stopped, admiring the vista. It was a challenging trek, Sanso reflected, but well worth the view. “Hey, I think I see the airship from here,” Sanso said, taking out a broken pair of binoculars. “I told you this place was worth checking out,” Kantai laughed. He was glad to see a familiar face here. Mata Nui knows how Sanso made to the island, but Kantai was glad to show an old friend a place he was at least slightly familiar with. “Hey now, I didn’t disagree with that!” Sanso protested, although he was a lot more interested in taking in the sights and breathing in the high-air, as he put it. After a while, Kantai spoke up. “Well, it’s about time to went back to the Koro. You should prepare for the next leg of your travels, seeing as you probably won’t stay put.” Sanso nodded. The pair began their descent back into the valley. “Think I could catch a ride on the airship?” Sanso wondered aloud as the pair re-entered the jagged shadows along the hillside, obscuring the vista once and for all. They navigated the hillside for a few quiet seconds. “Why not?” Kantai finally replied when they reached more stable footing. “Stranger things have happened.” IC: Prasral – Northern Wastes, near Tobduk-Koro Another fruitless day. Prasral leaned back, resting in the shade of a small alcove eroded from a mound of rock. He watched the shadows cast by the mound slowly, imperceptibly, shift across the sand. Why am I even searching here? That merchant was clearly telling tall tales… The monarch in exile took another sip from his canteen. No luck today. None of his people were to be found in the area. The caravan the merchant in Tobduk-Koro told him about was nowhere. Not even a trail. He miraculously found some sort of trinket, which lengthened his search by hours, but it was too generic to be of use. The old, familiar sting of fear entered his heart again. Was his reign to end like this? The last of his kind. I won’t find out sitting here. With that thought in mind, Prasral got up and retrieved his equipment. He wrenched his shield free from the makeshift condensation trap, slung his spear over his shoulder, and began the trek back to Tobduk-Koro. It was almost evening when he made it back. It looked peaceful enough at this hour. IC: Krozen – Ash Barrens >Initialising diagnostic…| >Status: Stasis hold. Maintenance in progress >No action needed >Current Runtime: 501 Waiting...| A swirling void of emotion. Anger. Hope. Cold touch of waiting. How did he get here? >Status: Stasis hold. Maintenance in progress >No action needed >Current Runtime: 4029 Images in the mind’s eye. Floating. Collapsing. Kaleidoscopic. Broken ribs. Not his. Cold iron in hand. >Status: Stasis hold >No action needed >Current Runtime: 7178 Faceplate, smashed in. Biological solvent. Red and warm. >Status: Stasis hold >No action needed >Current Runtime: 11478 Panoply. Gift of ghosts. Live to the touch. Why was he here? >Status: Stasis hold >No action needed >Current Runtime: 46655 >[Error 414] >Overflow >Execute: Resetting non-essential systems Waiting...| >[Error 002] >Status: Stasis breach >Systems failure //If you are reading this printout things have gone baaad >Execute: Emergency exit Waiti| On the eastern shore of Zakaz, a rounded, lumpy mass, covered in soot and detritus cracked open. Smoke, steam, bellowed forth. A figure fell out, coated in strange liquid. It was moving. Krozen opened his eyes for the first time in a long, long while, and saw dark, ashen sand. Sand…. Where is this? He felt heat. Everywhere. And the air… unbreathable for a lesser being. His head swimming, he thrust his arms down and pushed himself up- Wait, that wasn’t right. Krozen’s eyes focussed, trying to block out the shining sun, brighter than he remembered. He saw his body and arms and remembered the Armour. Of course. The Armour. And no thanks to the traitorous cowards. Where were they? Krozen blinked, his head mostly cleared from the stasis drugs pumped into his system and the energy fields he had been subjected to. He surveyed the surroundings of this strange world. *** It was several hours later when Krozen finally finished his makeshift shelter. He had caught a few fish and various sundry crustaceans. His biology made it so that, if they weren’t clearly lethal, Krozen had no worries eating them for sustenance. In the short-term, he was, if not fine, then in a bearable position. The warlord pulled the fish from the small fire. He found that there was surprisingly little combustible fuel in the viscinity, likely due to the ever-present heat of the large volcano in the distance. He pondered on the floating… thing above the clouds as he chewed on the fish. Neither boded well. It wasn’t difficult to piece things together. The automated life support of the stasis pod had exhausted itself fixing him up in the aftermath of Metru Nui… falling? That, or some timing system failed. It was never meant to be a permanent habitat for anyone. He wondered what effects that might have on biological tissue. His retainers were nowhere to be found, and given that there were none waiting to bow to Krozen when he exited the pod, they were either, as the saying went, dead or fled. No matter. He was still here, and he had to find a way. To do what, exactly? Krozen lay awake as night fell, pondering. OOC: Kantai, Sanso, Prasral, Krozen open for interaction.
  20. IC: Zekev - Fort Nektann "YEAAAAAA!!!!" Zekev joined in the whoops and cheers. For the moment, he forgot the inherent danger of beating up Matoran, his mind filled with images of loot and glory instead. Much like Krrench, he was nowhere near the status required to eat the good grog, so he settled with his stew at the end of one of the broken dining tables and tucked in. Zekev began to ponder about this turn of events while the din of cheering continued to ring across the mess hall. He certainly didn't want to get involved in infighting between Barius and Drukarus... but he really did want to loot! Anyway, I don't fancy my chances going against this crowd.
  21. IC: Zekev - Fort Nektann The waiting was too much. He knew he should turn off and just doze off until dinner, or whenever someone came to kick him out of his chair, but Zekev just could not silence that nagging voice in his head. He sleepily cracked an eye open, and detected motion in the courtyard. A tan Skakdi was hurrying off to the garage. The garage! Aren't we done with repairs already? Zekev got up and shaded his eyes. Yeah, no doubt about it, it's the one with the mask. The scarred one. What was his vehicle again? Quite sure we patched it- The realisation jolted Zekev awake. A raid! Maybe? Before he could stop himself, he was already on his feet and clambering down the stairs, intercepting the other Skak. "Hey! What's going on? We on a raid or what?" Zekev shouted as he caught up. OOC: @Kal the Guardian
  22. @Eyru I changed the physical weaknesses for the two Toa. New to this: Kantai is almost completely new to his powers and inexperienced with using them. Likewise, although he has been instructed in the use of weapons, this training is limited and not backed by much experience. Iron fist, glass jaw: While he can land solid hits, especially with the use of his Pakari to surgically enhance his blows, Sanso can't really take a hit. This forces him to rely on his agility to dodge or, when desperate, using his battle gloves to parry strikes.
  23. Name: Kantai Name: Sanso Name: Prasral Name: Krozen Could I also request that my characters be allowed to go on/be given quests to unlock the full power of their equipment with GM approval and assistance?
  24. IC: Zekev - Fort Nektann It was a lazy day, just the way Zekev liked it. He had ambled about in the morning, making a show of running errands and fixing things. Now that most of the fort were taking an afternoon nap or too busy to push him around, Zekev could take a well-deserved 12 hour break in the shaded confines of one of the unused guard towers. He sat his rump down on the rickety chair he had found a few days ago and leaned back, propping his feet up on the sill of the window. Ahhh, that hits the spot. The past few months had been... hectic, to say the least. The back and forth travelling and fighting had not been kind to his psyche, on several levels. But it appeared he could finally catch a break. He lazily peered over the sill of the window, and caught sight of the old task master, Drukarus. He seemed to be talking to several strangers Zekev did not recognise. Or perhaps they too were denizens of the Fort that Zekev had not bothered to know. He wondered what business they had, and hoped it didn't entail trouble.
  25. Name: Zekev Breed: GSR Ko-Skakdi Faction: Barius’ Warskak, nominally Description: Clad in white,blue and silver, Zekev is a stubby Skakdi with straight spikes forming his organic spine, his face almost permamnently distorted by a grin that gives an impression of amusement. He has a prominent chin, and large, two-toed feet. In general, he is as big and brutish in appearance as most Skakdi. Background/Occupation: For lack of a better word, Zekev is detritus. He has been, at various points, a criminal among the clans of Old Zakaz, a hired sword for the Barraki army during the invasion, an unwitting cultist swept up in the fallout of the Impact, and now a criminal again, living on the edges of Warband settlements. If nothing else, he has learnt to pick his fights and leave to fight another day. Personality: Zekev always looks out for number one. When he can get away with it, he will indulge himself and look for quick ways to profit. However, when faced with actual danger or risk, Zekev will find any way to minimise or offload such risks. While he is self-serving and cowardly, he is not twitchy or paranoid when dealing with dangers. After all, that would not benefit him in the slightest. Flaws: Despite, or perhaps because of, his continuous bouncing around, Zekev cannot stand to be alone when he could be lost in a crowd, nor will he stay in one place for too long when he could be stealing from somewhere else. His cowardice and self-serving manners are to the detriment of earning any goodwill or trust from others. Zekev’s only real experience in combat swings between two extremes: using brute force to overpower a weaker foe, or letting others take the attention of a stronger foe while he shanks them from behind. Apart from being inexperienced in proper one-on-one combat, this also means that he is, despite appearances. Powers: One primary element/power: Laser vision One secondary power: Zekev has the ability to induce limited amnesia among a person in his line of sight, causing them to be confused or forget recent events. They usually recover from these effects within an hour, though the memory of those forgotten events is imperfectly reconstructed. However, every usage of this power removes part of Zekev’s memory, usually something in his long-term memory, which likewise returns as an imperfectly reconstructed memory. Breed quirk(s): Can use the Elemental power of Ice in conjunction with another Skakdi Equipment: A hefty war axe and shield, treated to resist changes in temperature. Retractable arm blade. The blade comprises of a central body, allegedly the spike of a great beast slain by the blade’s maker, roughly the length of a forearm, with metal welded along its edges to provide a jagged cutting surface. It is usually hidden under a bracer, tucked along the back of the forearm. Upon activation, a spring-loaded mechanism snaps the blade outwards. A wrist-mounted control switch allows the blade to be electrified. An unusually pointed helmet that has saved his skull multiple times. A journal that details past events in Zekev’s life, lest he forget.
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