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    - Bionicle (hehe), especially the pre-Metru timespan (story-wise). I also love everything up to 2004 due to the flash games/animations.
    - Shipping character pairings, woot!
    - Minor interests in Star Wars, Halo, Star Trek reboot
    - Grammar, syntax and spelling! They aren't just squiggles and dots, people. They can change the meaning of a sentence entirely!!
    -'The Kane Chronicles' by Rick Riordan. If you liked Percy Jackson, then it's definitely worth giving these a read.
    -Egyptian mythology. I love that the gods even had little holidays planned for them by the priests.

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  1. I feel a little bit of concern, admittedly, over the simplification of the story. I do like the consistency with 2001's story concepts, though, and I'm looking forward to experiencing some nostalgia in a more mature mentality than that of a five-year-old-child.
  2. I actually quite like the look of Gali - she was my first Bionicle, with Tahu - but Kopaka looks equally interesting. I'm intrigued by Pohatu's weapons, but that's about it... Water and Ice shall be my firsts, I think.
  3. "Onaku!" I call, holding my left hand out, palm up. "Can I speak with you?" I walk slowly towards Toa Onaku, both hands open in a sign of peace. "I wish to work with you, help you find this ancient being. May I serve as your assistant?" Not my mask.
  4. Nuhvok-Kal: *cough*Gahlok-Kal losing control of its Magnetism powers*cough*
  5. http://youtu.be/jYFxvoEPFKI?t=1m2s My mask.
  6. My power flurries through the air into the ground My soul is spiralling in frozen fractals all around... As I draw upon the reserves of my elemental energy, the Toa seal begins to glow. Inexplicably, a shaft of light splits apart the protodermis cage. With a loud crack and a blast of cold, I step free of the former confines. Looking down at my body, I see that I am no longer in the dark gunmetal of an Earth Toa; judging my elemental release, it seems I am now a Toa of Ice. Perhaps Krahka-generated seals have more effects than previously thought... After a trek-and-a-half to New Atero, I contact Toa Krakua; using his Kanohi Suletu and my own Kanohi Kualsi, I appear at Toa Onaku's location. With a flick of my hand, I freeze him solid, snapping the mask from his frosty fingertips. My mask. Furthermore, considering Ahktu's sealing of me, despite the fact that I had no business with him and was merely attempting to restore my table leg to its original position, I declare him an enemy of Arandelle. Wait wut.
  7. *smack* *thwack* *clunk*
  8. "Le-Metru Line" by Orkham "Panic Cord" by Gabrielle Aplin
  9. I seduce you. My mask. And your mess.
  10. Nuparu: Haha! That's rich, from someone who literally buzzes with energy!
  11. "Deify" by Mata Nui "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel
  12. The Chinese house wherein the Toymaker resides begins to tremble. The earth itself heaves underneath the ancient wooden structure. The house stops its bucking, and there is a creak on the boards outside. The Toymaker hears an sharp intake of breath, and then, a metal-clad foot kicks through the wall, spraying splintered timber across the room. A fist tears at the hole and a dark figure eases his way into the room. The Toymaker looks up at the intruder, bewildered. "We're playing hide and seek!" he cries indignantly. The Toa stretches out his arm and a long rod forms. At the tip is a rotating blunt tool. "Then I win," the Toa replies, green eyes glinting. "The Ignika, now." Gesticulating feebly, the Toymaker struggles for words. A hooded head pokes in through the hole in the wall, features undistinguishable from the shadow." "Toa Tohzak," it addresses, "the Mask is no longer here." The Toymaker appeals to the newcomer. "I'm– I'm just an actor!" Tohzak ignores the dithering robed figure. "We leave at once." His pearlescent armour shines over his glossy black form. "And we shall not stop until the Ignika is returned home."
  13. "Naming Day" by Turaga Matau "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" by Kristen Bell
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