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  1. It's amazing how what we actually got doesn't even remotely look like this. What wasted potential.
  2. The question is: Are Toa strong enough to even hurt or defeat Zyglak, I don't think so
  3. This is something I've noticed more in the years 2006 and 2007. Like, Makuta could have easily killed Matoran or Toa on Mata Nui but he never did (not directly), and the Piraka, instead of Killing Matoran that were disobedient, enslaved them with Antidermis. Barraki also were reluctant in killing Dekar when he refused to handle the Mask of Life to them.
  4. I know that the real world reason for them to be clone sets was because of the building system - They didn't want to spend money on making everyone too different. But what was the explanition in-universe? Like, why all the Toa Metru have the same exact armor? Why the matoran of metru nui all look the same? And all Toa Nuva look the same? etc
  5. This may look like a dumb question, but does his mask is supposed to be a mask or is supposed to represent his decomposing and dead face?
  6. I wonder if he really has that humanoid head beneath the mask in-story. Cause that would be a bit strange Actually, I wonder if that mask is an actual mask or supposed to represent his face
  7. You know I thought the only influence from Lhikan on Tahu G2 was his blade and the combining function of it. But the more I look it, I totally see a Lhikan on it. Look at the mask of fire for exemple. It has only two holes like lhikan's Hau and a big mouth. The golden chest was also gold on lhikan, albeit smaller. The golden pauldron on Tahu also really reminds of the ones in Lhikan. And the golden tight cover on Tahu was also gold on Lhikan. The only part that does not look like Lhikan are the feet and hands, obviously. But every color Lhikan had, Tahu has too in the same spots as him(pretend he has the golden mask of fire on him). If Tahu was dark red instead of clear red, I think he would be a 100% Lhikan but in G2.
  8. Actually it makes 2.97 senses. *ahem* Why doesn't it make sense? (I don't really know much about it, but curious whatcha mean. ) I don't quite remember but it has something to do with the number of toa plus makuta or something multiplied by the number of turaga, that gives the coordenates to the temple of water. It could be true, but since it's listed as underwater in the official map, then it must indeed be underwater and built by the Matoran and/or Turaga. I'm fully aware of this, but this means that if they could build Ga-Kini underwater, then they shouldn't have much trouble building an underwater kolhii temple.
  9. I just remember that Gali's temple is underwater.(the map and this pic by faber supports this). So the Ga-Matoran are indeed capable of building an underwater temple.
  10. I don't consider some bits of MNOG 2 canon, the Temples and Crystals being one of them. And I don't think the game was ever approved by the Story Team, unlike MNOG 1 And by the way, that "formula" thing Nixie said. That doesn't make a single sense
  11. Decepticonwarrior, do you ever actually listen to things people tell you when they are defending CCBS and Gen2? I feel like if you did,you would understand the points we make: that CCBS, or "Skeleball", as you insist on calling it, is, in many ways, better than the classic system. The pieces are no longer brittle and breakable. They are far more resistant to dust-collection. The pieces aren't "simple", but rather unspecialized, so multiple lines (Hero Factory, Chima, Bionicle, Star Wars, and even Super Heroes for a time) can use it. As for the story, it's geared towards children! 6 to 14. The story needs to appeal to children in that range, which it does! My little cousin is 6, and he loves Bionicle. The sets are great, story is great, to him. If LEGO produced a story that was more complicated, more complex, children would not enjoy it as much, and there would suddenly be less demand for the sets. Also, there seems to be one thing that you refuse to accept. The animations are just 15 minutes, and made to draw people into the story. They aren't the ultimate, end-all medium that will convey every aspect of the story. That's what the books are for! One of them is coming in August, and thank God, because hopefully it will keep you quiet. That's where the more complex details of the story will come in. Y'know, maybe you didn't know this, but the first gen1 book came out in 2003! There were two years where comics, MNOG, and the Bohrok animations were the only story we got. Yeah, yeah, MNOG was all that. Yes, I get it. I love the game too, but it still wasn't everything. The books were what finally made the story more fleshed-out and interesting. So far, the story seems so, but I don't understand why everyone is so quick to judge. You're right. Let me reformulate my statement: The way the story is being presented to us is currently horrible. Like I just said above, wait for the books. Really, that's where everything is going to come into place, more so than the 15 minutes worth of video we have now. I hope so, because honestly, I don't even more consider these dumb animations to be canon.
  12. So far, the story seems so, but I don't understand why everyone is so quick to judge. You're right. Let me reformulate my statement: The way the story is being presented to us is currently horrible.
  13. Could you exemplify ? I find this odd. Why would he wait 4 years to make new videos ?
  14. Basically: Cool sets Horrible story
  15. (EDIT: whoops, I accidentally used Mask Of Light preliminar poster, but 2001 one was pretty similiar to this one) I'm probably going captain obvious here but I don't care, anyway Dude I just realized that this image released back in 2001 was a (another) hint that there was a giant robot beneath the Island I mean, Hau is the symbol of MN and in the image theres a Hau that looks like its beneath the Island so yeah And it being infected means not only that Makuta "dominates" the Island" but means that the robot beneath it is all rusted and old, like Mata Nui was when he awoke. And look its eyes are exactly where MN eyes were. I JUST REALISED THIS AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS THAT THIS WAS A HINT sorry I just wanted to tell someone, you may continue what you were doing.
  16. I'm kinda lost in the new reboot. Are the Toa's regular masks powerless ? I say this because they never used them in the animations. And what the Golden mask do ? I guess it's the golden masks that gives them their elemental powers ? Tahu was even able to control Lava when he put his.
  17. I want to know if someone here have guessed, or knows someone who guessed, or maybe made a theory that the MU was inside something bigger. As for me, the ~closest~ I got was suspecting the twin suns in Metru Nui looked like someone's eyes, but I never imagined that it would indeed be a robot.
  18. "Normally" I can totally see a more edgy Toa using these Makuta masks. It should be rare, but still.
  19. If having thought-out and reasonable convictions and sticking to them is what constitutes "bias" these days, I don't see how any social change is ever expected to happen. It's viewing only one side of the something and desconsiderate the other completely, and insist on it even tho one know he is wrong. Something that some people are clearly doing here.
  20. (wow i really had to gut that gif to get it BZP-sized) Wow man, I'm really astonished by your super counter argument skills. I don't think I can break this one.
  21. Of course they didn't. The thing has already spread everywhere. What would be the point in removing it now ? Say what you want. What was done in Lego's service is basically hacking.
  22. First of all, I would like to say sorry if I sounded a little rude in my statement. It's just that I do not think is right revealing something out of it's time. This still sounds like a leak to me, but everyone is like "It's okay because it's from LEGO itself." For all we know, the older leaks could have been too. I still think BZP is breaking it's own rule. It's still a leak if you get it before it's officially announced by LEGO.
  23. The same thing can be applied to the leaks. And yet they are forbidden. "They should have done X" but guess what, they didn't. This doesn't give me the right to publish sometime I don't have the permission. It's not about being legal or illegal. Imagine your friends are making a secret party for you, but one of them accidentally talk about it when you are chatting. Would you like it ?
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